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Norm Byers, said, "I'm not so certain the Judge's statement will be true once the size of the DHS gets up to say 500,000 (from 240K now) and they start adding armored, armed vehicles - none of which are subject to Posse Comitatus."


Perhaps, but such a move will remove all pretense on Obama's part about looking to the best interests of America and Americans. Such a move might spark the very thing we fear most, and the thing which Obama clearly desires most.


Only a sociopath, a narcissistic, manipulative Communist bastard like Obama could want what he wants.

1 year, 11 months ago on Judge Napolitano: State Noncompliance Makes Federal Enforcement “Nearly Impossible”


Good post, David. I hate it, too, when I cannot figure out the price from a website.


Makes me ornery.



1 year, 11 months ago on The Ultimate Website Credibility Checklist (part 2)


Cannot read half the page because ads I cannot close are blocking the text. Clean it up or I will start getting my news elsewhere.

It ain't like there is a shortage of sources.

2 years ago on Can Liberty Win? Do The Math


I can think of only half a dozen honors I would like to see my boys obtain more than that of Eagle Scout.


I am with BSA all the way and UPS is gone from consideration. This is also a permanent position. I am tired of this LBGT crap. Wanting your penis cut off so you can be a woman or choosing same sex partnership in defiance of biology and God is indicative of mental illness at best, willing submission to evil initiation rites at worst.

2 years, 4 months ago on UPS Loses Client Over Stand Against Boy Scouts