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How do you mentally cope with knowing that you personally have the goods to beat the best in the world, i.e. 4 times World Champ Seb Vettel,  and yet you have an engine that sucks and takes that chance to be World Champ away from you. Do you ever think, "if only I got into a Red Bull last year..." or wish you were in a Mercedes?

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Fantastic article Sir!  That word Respect sums up much about Japan and is the reason why I love that country so much. This respect also includes not putting down others for liking something you may not be interested in yourself.  People can express themselves there, openly, without (much) fear.   As long it it doesn't harm or affect anyone else negatively, go for it!

Its also about being inclusive.  There's no "you're not good enough to hang with us"  It's more like, "ok, you're interested in doing this with us, so please start here and learn and enjoy"

This is what the rest of the world looks at Japan in envy.  I hope this positive attitude catches on more around the world.  

The video 'Outsiders Japan', briefly touched on the Respect and Inclusivity aspect of Japan, but I think your article sums it up almost perfectly.

I'm traveling there next year again.  I hope its ok if I touch base with you to arrange me getting to some meetings like this.

PS.  could you please do some articles on some of the GT300 tuners?  People like Goodsmile Racing and Gainer would be fun. An article on Studie in Yokohama would be very interesting!  (Yes, I'm a BMW nut!!!)

Thanks again for a great article.

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Absolutely perfect!  The 458 always had something just a little wonky about it,  like a model with a bent nose, or the perfect smile with a chipped tooth.  It's great, but just not quite right.  This design has cured all those "issues" for the 458 and best of all, it looks like it was still designed by Pininfarina. Well done Kato-san/Miura-san!

1 year, 4 months ago on Not Afraid To Shock: Liberty Walk 458


@PaddyMcGrath @alejoush Agree with you Paddy.  What is it about people that they just like to bitch about others who are more successful and achieve their dreams?  If you havent achieved your dreams, then work harder! but stop bitching about those that have. 

Vettel is simply a great driver.  This is proven beyond any doubt, because actions speak louder that words.  Never before seen anyone win one of the worlds most difficult championships to win if he's just "average"or "good" He's also the product of a "perfect storm".  Brilliant car designer (Newey), brilliant manager (Horner), brilliant backer (Mateschitz), and brilliant mentor (Schumacher...  (now we'll see all the Schumi haters come out of the woodwork))  And when you look at all the above, he obviously has the most incredible luck as well!!!   Vettel has the ability to manage the team around him and create something more than the sum of its parts, as Horner suggested earlier this week.

The people that give all the credit to Newey,  please remember that Newey had his share of cars that didnt win as well. Please remember that he designed the car that Senna died in.  (no, I'm not blaming him. Simply trying to illustrate that he's not King Midas). Newey also only succeeds the way he is right now as a result of this "perfect storm" of teamwork.

And to all the people who seemingly feel sorry for Webber,  please dont misunderstand me, I think he's a brilliant driver and a great guy but it would appear that he simply hasnt created the same "team" around him as Vettel did.  And how can anyone feel sorry for a guy who's made millions doing what he loves to do???  Ok, he hasnt won the championship, but then so have many other worthy drivers.  I feel more sorry for Massa, having been champ for about 20 seconds...

To all the knockers, please stop.  Learn something about yourself, in that you dont need to knock others.  You can like what you want to like, and you dont have to agree with everyone else all the time, but at least be polite and try to look for the positives instead of bashing others.  

1 year, 5 months ago on Domination: Vettel Takes Fourth Straight Championship


That car brought back a wonderful memory.  Two 1969 Mustang Boss 429's, one in orange, the other this shade of lime green, next to each other on a car yard.  That was back in 1971 and I tried my best to talk my dad into getting one of those, but no luck!  He got a brand new '72 model year Grande instead.   

With the stripes on the side, this car very much reminds me of that lime green monster 429.

1 year, 10 months ago on The American Dream: My Mustang Rtr Experience


OMG!!!  No windscreen, no mufflers, no floor boards, no seatbelts, no airbags, no rollbar, no covering for the battery......   If he drove that in NZ the car would be impounded, seized and crushed, and the driver would be in front of a judge on about 120 charges.  The only thing they might leave out in the sentencing would be the gibbet. 

I gotta move to Japan!

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 @Larry Chen He seems to do ok.  I have two photo's of it.  How can I send them to you? email address?

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You should ask Brad Lord to find the guy with the supercharged S30 here in NZ.  Has a blower on it and puts down 700+hp.  He races it in Targa NZ.  Same colour as yours too!

2 years, 2 months ago on Ole Orange Bang: My 1970 Datsun 240z


Most amazing and well done Mr Olsen!  In many ways you're an inspiration to people and good on you for letting people know what you're doing.  My uncle is my inspiration.  He's always tinkering with Porsches.  Last time I visited him, he had 13 in his garage and barn. He's quite well known in Canada and the USA for doing amazing things with Porsches.  The one I remember most is the 914 that had a 3.3L twin turbo dropped in it...

My project car choice is BMW.  I love Porsches but I find BMW's a bit more affordable and a beautifully handling car, so I'm starting with a 328i that needs to lose 300kgs.  To that end I need to learn to make carbon fibre.   (ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN TEACH ME, PLEASE DROP ME A MESSAGE!!!)  The engine will also change a bit to produce around 450hp.  Probably more one day, but I chose that goal to start with.  I try to do as much work on it myself as I can.  My friends all think I'm crazy and say, "why dont you just buy those bits???"   but I get the most satisfaction from learning a new skill and learning to do it well.  Then I can also help other people on their cars and get satisfaction from that as well as make new friends. So this year I'm doing a welding course (make my own exhaust, etc, etc, etc) and also trying to learn to make carbon fibre.  Its gonna be a FUN year!!!

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Hats off to Mad Mike and Red Bull.  Absolutely incredible event!!!   I stood on the barriers as these guys blew past at 130kph and then tried to spin the car into the car wash...  phenomenal stuff and incredible driving!  Watching Matt take out the bollard and then end up in the back of the semi was priceless, I bet he was so glad his day didnt end there.   Safety concerns?  Sure, we were close. Sure, it was a bit of a worry having drivers trying to shake off bits of broken body work by spinning the cars...  was I gonna give up my front row spot on the barrier because of that?  HELL NO!  The only way you could get a better experience than were I was, was to actually be driving a car!!!  The sight of mind blowing driving in cars 3m away, smell of race fuel and rubber, and sound of those cars was pure heaven.

It was awesome to have the pits so close to the crowds as well, you could get right up close and talk to the drivers and crews.  Another cool thing was the crowd, everyone there to enjoy the event and no eggheads trying to spoil it for the majority.  


Go Kiwi's!!  Awesome event, I'll be there for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 years, 3 months ago on Red Bull Drift Shifters: Sideways On The Street