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I heard Carol speak tonight at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and found it very helpful. She brought up the Elf/kSanta Clause type person. I am definitely more elf but want to be a Santa Claus. I work as a massage therapist and like it because I am independent and only need to show up for the job which I do. I like helping others promote their business but have a hard time promoting my own Health Counseling business. I like being given specific directions but am also a huge idea person. The follow thru is the problem. As a result of listening to Carol tonight on a webinar and answering these questions I most definitely need to re-evalute how I am going to work as a Health Coach. I am inclined towards being aligned with an organization or individual who would send me clients. Getting the clients seems to be a daunting task for me. I think I will share these questions with the other students at IIN.


2 years, 4 months ago on Want to Start a Business? Are You Santa or an Elf?