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 @MooseWarwick Moose, there do need to be real, logical (not emotional, it makes me feel good b.s. bills and takeovers) fixes. All these entitlements, all these capable of work parasites and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,(any nationality). Because the have somehow stolen their way into this country DOES NOT make them our responsibility. Honestly stop the effin fraud. Sadly, It's not just the parasitic cancerous welfare state, not even close. " The agency (IRS) failed to prevent 1.5 million potentially fraudulent tax returns from being processed last year -- resulting in refunds totaling more than $5.2 billion, according to an audit conducted by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. (CNNMoney)  We can't leave the good people of the GSA, April 9, 2012 FoxNews, "These new videos are the latest "caught on camera" moments highlighting the GSA's colossal waste of taxpayer money, more than $800,000 of your money spent on a lavish Vegas convention -- a party!" Not to mention the billions of taxpayer dollars wasted on unused prime real estate, land, buildings, vehicle assets, that list goes on and on. These are just a few examples of what needs to be fixed. Fix the real problems, put all that money back into the till and guess what, no need to raise taxes under false pretense, or otherwise. First and foremost, these criminals in this administration have to go! 


2 years, 4 months ago on Montana Voters Nullify Obamacare Mandates