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A 7-way tie at 7-7?  Perfect example of the mediocrity that is SEC roundball.  And yet:  I am proud my Ags are at 7-7!! Go SEC!!  ;)

1 year, 1 month ago on SEC Headlines 2/25/2014


Clowney made the right choice if what he needs to do is "support his family".  I hope he also realizes before it's too late that completing his college degree will also come in handy after his time in the NFL is complete.  And that he's making a modestly risky trade off given his talent level of not completing his college work now in favor of going pro now.

As the meme goes on the internet:  for other players, YMMV...your mileage may vary.

1 year, 2 months ago on Ex-Gamecock Clowney: “I Would Have Probably Stayed In College” If I’d Been Paid


Just eliminate the "shot" clock.  That should make the defensive coaches happy.

1 year, 2 months ago on Ole Miss’ Freeze Not Happy With NCAA Proposal To Slow The Game; But The NCAA Should Do Just That


Need better non-conf opponents and a better record against good non-conf opponents.  That leads into a more competitive conference season as well.

I'll be honest:  my school--A&M--is struggling with a doubly difficult situation.  It's not a traditional basketball school and the football team has been VERY successful and leeched away the support that had been built up especially by Billy Gillispie and Mark Turgeon.  And Billy Kennedy's struggle with Parkinson's in his first year at A&M became a "meme" that seems to have affected recruiting going forward.

The 3-0 start had MrSec advocating A&M regress back to the mean it was previously on, which we have succeeded in accomplishing.  But this kind of article actually misses an opportunity to make an important point:  if the non-conf schedule and resulting RPI is weak, then getting more conference invites is a matter of some teams dominating the rest.

That doesn't mean the conference plays better basketball.  It MIGHT mean the dominating schools dip deeper into the talent pool or that they're better coached (or both).  But the conference RPI in the non-conf season pretty much doesn't lie.  And the ADs need to put their heads together on what the strategy is as a conference for addressing this.  I know the conference office has been emphasizing non-conf strength of schedule.  And maybe that WILL help get more invites.  But if the basketball is boring, then the fans won't show up at the game (with certain, notable, exceptions) in a football-frenzied conference.

Since the SEC has to play pretty much the same game as the entire NCAA, strategic changes must address talent outreach, retention, player development, and coaching.  I'm honestly not sure it's solvable in the part of the country where it's actually pleasant to be outside during the winter...

1 year, 2 months ago on The SEC A 2-Bid League? Latest Resumes Show 7 Fighting For Bid #3


There you go:  my Aggies are regressing nicely to the mean.  The team should have shown as much pride in the second half against Mississippi State as they did in the first half against Kentucky.  But it's hard to express surprise that Kentucky out-talents us...

The team is showing some progress at playing together.  One (at least one of the persuasion of us Ags) can hope that BK can actually coach the team at least into the NIT though that might just get him a one-year extension.  I was proud of the team in the first half.  In the second half, Kentucky demonstrated why Calipari's one-and-done-platoon is likely to be in the mix on the road to New Orleans at the end of the year.

1 year, 3 months ago on SEC Hoops Roundup 1/22/2014


There is no doubt that the MOST important differentiator for #1 and #2 in the Coaches and Old Celebrities polls are the -0 at the end of their records.  What is a little more dubious is how the computers all sort them to #1 and #2 given that Mizzou's only loss was in OT and Alabama's only loss was on the last play of the game and both losses were against highly ranked opponents.

It seems likely that the new playoff system will be more satisfying only if there is some kind of detailed explanation of why the four teams are selected.  An effort to reproduce the "objective" nature of the BCS Standings (which is 2/3rds based on the opinion of coaches and celebrities and 1/3rd based on a non-transparent--and therefore EXTREMELY subjective--computer ranking) is unlikely to make folks happy.  But a truly subjective system might be even worse.

Therefore the obvious thing to do is to politic for an expansion to eight games as soon as possible.  I realize that if this happens the so-called "BCS" conferences might request an automatic slot for conference champions and for a true playoff to work one could argue that a conference championship game feeding the on-the-field winner of the conference into the playoff is a good thing (in spite of the discussion with respect to the playoff of the "best teams") if the field is large enough.

Otherwise the key thing that is needed is extreme transparency.

1 year, 4 months ago on SEC Headlines 12/2/2013


Regarding tbear57's analysis.  The fire marshal and SEC rules limited seating at Kyle in 2012.  Prior to that they could and did seat students inside the wall behind the visitor bench.  Now they can't seat students within, what, 25 rows of the visitor bench?

Jameil Showers' record at UTEP is the splash of cold water we need to have regarding Johnny's contributions at A&M.  The move to the SEC was strategically well considered.  The firing of Sherman and hiring of Sumlin at least "turned the page" on the mediocrity of the late Slocum, Franchione, and Sherman tenures, but it wasn't guaranteed to be a success.  After all, Sumlin's successful years were all on the Art Briles quarterback in a successful system with decent recruits at Houston.

You can give credit to the coaching staff for exceeding expectations last year even without Johnny on the field.  But even the first game against Florida likely would not have been a close loss without Johnny on the field.  He is a signature player in a strategic year and had a signal performance as proven by the Heisman.  What's the value of that?  In the words of the Mastercard commercials:  priceless.

1 year, 5 months ago on A&M Flip-Flops Again On Value Of Manziel’s Heisman


Nick's ten years older than he was last week!!

1 year, 7 months ago on Report: Texas Regent Spoke With Nick Saban’s Agent


I'm not sure that Switzer's opinion really adds to the opinionfest against Johnny or vindicates his behavior...I tend to think the latter is more likely.

1 year, 7 months ago on Switzer: “I Wanted To Jerk (Manziel’s) Facemask” For Acting So Arrogantly


I thought the Deshazor Everett call demonstrates the need for a less passionate review process after the fact which analyzes and either confirms or modifies the penalty WITHOUT an appeal from the player or university.  It isn't that it was obviously wrong, per se, as much as in the situation the zebras naturally will be inclined to follow the "compelling evidence to overturn a call on the field" standard.  This one arguably wasn't compelling to overturn, but it was compelling to have a post-game, less-passionate review.  If it were me I would reduce his to no more than a quarter and then only to indicate that it was "too close too reverse" but also not completely fulfilling the "targeting" category.

1 year, 7 months ago on Just Six Players Ejected From Opening Week Games, But It’s Way Too Soon To Declare New Rule A Success


As a point of context:  A&M has a fairly well-connected student body that has demonstrated some interesting "wins" in social media contests such as winning the ESPN Gameday commercial for last year.

I say interesting because we sometimes see various participants maximizing the full extent of the technology in a way that isn't always in the spirit of the rules.  For lots of reasons--including just that when a company like ESPN puts up a promotion for a social media contest--it ends up not really being a "big deal" even though in the best of all possible worlds we might look askance at the behavior.

Unnamed memorabilia brokers seeking to out a college athlete via casting of aspersions is the OLD social media way to win a contest on the field.  That isn't to say that the accusations are all necessarily false, but it is to suggest that the SEC has had its fair share of these kinds of situations in the past.

I personally think it is awfully unfortunate that those associated with Texas A&M would appear to lash out at a conference mate's athletes as a way to address the unfortunate stink surrounding this latest situation with Johnny.  But if the information that was dug up is factual, it is roughly equivalent to the typewriter experts who analyzed the Dan Rather memo and proclaimed it was done on a word processor and not on a contemporary piece of office equipment of the date when it was supposedly created.

That's just good journalism, right John?

1 year, 8 months ago on South Carolina On Clowney: “We Determined There Was No Violation”




1.  DeLoss Dodds is largely correct regarding fan support opposing an active series with A&M.  At least among the constituency that directly supports the athletics.


2.  His strategy in all of this highlights his attachment to the LHN:  he intended to leverage the branding of his opponents to draw in money from not just his alumni but the general public AND opponents alumni.  It was rapacious and greedy and justifies A&M & Mizzou--not to mention Colorado and Nebraska--leaving the Big 12.


3.  After his death I think you'll see the series get a reboot.  That's assuming Texas isn't already in the SEC before then of course.  This Aggie is quite clear-eyed on that possibility:  Texas brand value to the SEC is enormous even with MY SCHOOL (A&M) already in the conference.  Subsuming the LHN into the planned SEC Network won't happen while Dodds is alive.  But ESPN will be able to discard one bad deal and improve the SEC Network all in one fell swoop.  Plus they get the renewed rivalry to broadcast to boot.

2 years, 1 month ago on Texas A.D. Dodds Blames End Of A&M Series On A&M (Also Talks Expansion)


Regarding alamoaggie08's comment (I agree in essence):  While 9-3 Northwestern is a more successful team this year than last, I'm not sure that A&M OR the SEC would have benefited from a repeat match up against them essentially reprising last year's Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston.  Perhaps some of the Mike Slive magic was recognizing that in addition to making sure Georgia didn't fall too far in the SEC bowl pecking order. 


It's been my position all year that (we) Aggies need to be patient and prove their success in the SEC before expecting the accolades to come their way.  That way when they come, we weren't just getting the attention for a "one-off" effort.  And we also don't validate the concerns that our former conference brethren raised about us being whiners and having an inferiority complex.


Regardless, BTHO OU when we pick Cotton after New Year's.



2 years, 4 months ago on SEC Headlines 12/13/2012