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 @PaulZummo  @therealkparsons  Actually, you would be quite wrong. Genetics with regards to sex/gender is quite murky. The existence of intersex people should be a big indicator for you. But there are women with XY genes -- some can even give birth. There are also other genetic combinations (XXY, etc) that would be even more confusing to you.


Transsexuality itself is a congenital neurological intersex condition. That means it is an intersex condition affecting the brain, and it's something people are born with. It's actually fairly well understood.


Another point to make in regards to genetics is that it has even less bearing when it comes to social functions. You do not have the ability to read other people's genes. Phenotype is far more important than genotype anyway.


Gender/sex is actually quite diverse in humanity. So diverse in fact that sex testing fails so badly it can't be used in sports. The many failures of this type of testing due to the variations in humanity have lead the Olympics to stop using it. Trans people are also allowed to compete in the Olympics as their actual gender. (In the case of the person in question here, female.)


So in gender reality, the person in question may or may not have XY genes (you don't know that). But they are in fact female.

2 years, 4 months ago on DC radio hosts suspended over rant against transgender athlete