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In a way it's a scam. Pay full price, but still pay the artificially inflated pricing for phone plans. So Verizon gets to double dip into your pocketbook. If you pay full price and they are not subsidizing your phone you should be offered a less expensive phone plan. Period.

2 years ago on Verizon Announces Payment Plans For Phones, Contracts Not Going Anywhere


I hope they do! The sooner they announce, presumably the sooner they begin selling. My renewal is ready to go. And my Droid X2 is begging to be replaced (Battery life suffering, super slow phone, etc).

2 years, 3 months ago on Rumor: HTC Unveiling The M7 Before MWC


If these were iPhones we could ask, "How were they holding the phones during testing?"


But they're not. So that's not the issue.


I'm guessing there's some minor, super tiny, precise, nuanced detail that was different that JUST BARELY passed their legal department that allowed them to claim a 49% difference. Let's face it, 49% is a HUGE difference. That ultimately means it took the Motorola phone HALF the time to download the same app.


Time of day. Network activity. Server activity through Google Play. So many factors that could affect download speeds. Considering the hardware internally is essentially no different I'd be hard pressed to believe this.

2 years, 4 months ago on Motorola Takes On Samsung With Ad That Makes No Sense