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Hey Nicky,

Thanks for commenting. I think they're wasting a great opportunity and with reasonable investment could really push the boundaries of social media marketing. There are more things happening all the time though. Several finance websites have begun putting out interesting apps ( for example). But most brand need to re-consider how people see them at the moment and what people really need even if it doesn't obviously benefit the brand.

Thanks :)

4 years, 1 month ago on Can UK Financial Brands 'do' Social Media?


Hi @markwschaefer great post again!

When I started blogging it was for my journalism class and I felt really inspired by my tutor who told me that my blogging was better than my other writing. Then I had a break when I started working full-time and tried to rebrand my blog and make it about a topic that was difficult to write about. I felt the fear and it took me until my latest job to get over it. My new work affords me lots of great opportunities to write about my passions so I came up with some ground rules to help me write:

-Write about things I enjoy reading about and doing.
-Write when I want but try to do one piece a week.
-My posts don't have to be long or deep.
-Write in a variety of styles, long-form, bullet-pointed and diagrams.
-Start with a basic blog and make small changes slowly, note how people respond to each one.
-Never panic about the response to a piece, I'm writing for myself.
-Write well but don't make punctuation and grammar stop my flow.
-Talk to other bloggers and take the time to comment on their work ;) (joined the #LDNblogclub)


If anyone wants to chat you can find me at and @charlotteclark.

4 years, 4 months ago on Overcoming blogging's fear factor