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I purchased MJ a couple of months ago and I had absolutely no problems with the set up. It worked great , and so I thought I would cancell my land line. Everything was OK .But , and there is always a BUT ,I didnt have the same confidence in it for use my principal home phone . I live in Ontario and I was able to get a local number , but you are unable to cal 1 800 numbers or any 800 combination .Some times the conversations were a bit "choppy" or they had a "lag" and a few times the call just ended .So at this point I called my cable company and got my original service and number re installed.I now have the MJ as a second phone number and think that is the way to go for now. It just isnt at the point where it is reliable enough to be trusted as a main phone provider.It does what is says it will do ,I just dont have one hundred percent faith in it at the moment .You dont really appreciate or understand how much you need a reliable phone provider untill you switch to something else and it makes you think about it.So as a second phone I give it two thumbs up .

4 years, 4 months ago on The Magic Jack Review