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If the Titans don't trade back and acquire extra picks, they will only have 6 picks in this draft.  That's a problem for a team that appears to be thin at a number of positions.  There is almost no real competition right now for several positions.  If you look at the roster (with one or two exceptions) you can identify almost all of the players that would make the team (today) at QB, RB, WR, TE, S and CB.  If the Titans coaching staff is serious about competition at every position, these 6 positions have to be the focus of the Titans draft.  A few other positions are stacked with competition.  DE and DT as well as ILB and OLB are well represented on the Titans roster. I think there are 12 DLs and 11 LBs listed on the roster today.  And there are good players in there.  Almost every one of those listed has a legitimate shot at making the roster in an open competition.  After the free agent additions, I think the Titans will shy away from selecting defensive front seven players in the draft, 

While the 11th pick is a wildcard and the Titans could go with any number of players (BPA) if they stay at that position and don't trade back, I think there is a strong possibility that they go QB (if a QB they like falls to them) at 11, or they go CB or S.  After that, I see them taking a RB in round 2 or 4, a QB (if not in the 1st round) in rounds 2, 4 or 5, and a WR and TE somewhere in there as well.  I am not one who believes this will be a defensive-heavy draft for the Titans, and I expect them to use 4 of their 6 picks on offense.

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This is a very good signing.  The linebacking group seems to be pretty deep (both outside and inside) going into the draft.  It makes me wonder whether a rush LB will even be on the Titans' radar when they pick at #11.  Until the Phillips signing, a majority of the mock drafts seemed to have the Titans going OLB.   I am doubting that now... even if Barr is there, and I am thinking more and more that Ruston is setting this up to do everything in his power to trade back a few spots and pick up a second or third rounder in return and then take BPA (someone like Ford, Mosely, Dennard, Clinton-Hix or Donald). I know trading back is a difficult thing to do, but getting an extra pick in the 2nd or 3rd round would free the Titans up to use that pick or the existing 2nd round pick to select at QB, which I am becoming convinced the Titans want to do in this draft..

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I am OK with the Oher signing. The twitter universe and blog world seem to be pretty negative on Oher.  The money is a bit more than I would have hoped, but Oher has been a good tackle in this league.  He is going to get excellent coaching from Bostad and he is going to know that his position is right tackle in Tennessee.  If Matthews was going to be his position coach, I wouldn't have much hope for him, but with Bostad coaching him, I am confident he will get better.

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I am having trouble understanding this move. I am not a fan of Fitz, but there is no way that Whitehurst can be seen as an upgrade.  With that said, is it possible that this signals something else in Tennessee - that the Titans are seriously considering using the first or second pick in the draft on a QB?  That may seem odd, but at this point in his career, Whitehurst really isn't anything more than a 3rd string QB.  If they draft a QB early, he would compete with Locker and the loser of that competition would become the backup QB this season. 

I might be reading too much into this (maybe it is just that Whisenhunt has always had a personal disliked Fitz), but I am trying to make sense of the decision to downgrade at the QB position.

1 month ago on Titans ink QB Charlie Whitehurst to 2-year deal