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I think you're wrong.


For one thing you're painting with a pretty broad brush... for instance many guys do care if they are liked or not.. 


But mostly I think the mistake is to try and tell women that they should change because they need to behave and be measured by mens rules. Didn't we have enough of those horrible shoulder pads in the 80's?  I mean.. what we need is women changing the rules of the game.. changing what it takes to find success.. not adopting the short comings of a whole lot of men because it seems to be advantageous.


I mean excuse me.. have you bothered to see how messed up our world is? We NEED change.. and women can bring that change.. or a part of that change anyway.


But I mean sure.. there's need for a balance.. you shouldn't let a desire for people to like you to paralyze you... etc... So I'm not really arguing with you per say.. or.. I don't know.. But I'll tell you something else.. women ARE going to take over. It's not like women have to do anything special to take over.. they're already doing it... it's inevitable.. 

2 years, 4 months ago on Likable vs. Successful: The Issue Women Leaders Face