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@bensens If you don't feel interested in KN, Fine:

BUT She's legitimately interested in sports, she has her moments, She has a genuine wit 

Get over it! 

Shes DIFFERENT - and the platform of hers , Fox Sports, Deserves A Chance

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@mxman420 If You Have Fox Sports GO app - check out the quality of broadcasts on it

For some ungodly reason Fox Sports 2 is FULL HD on my FS Go app, But FS2 on my cable / TV set looks like lame 480

1 month ago on It may be time for Fox Sports 1 to panic over this number


503K people watch first take . 

Schmeh . Literally. More than those Big East games on Fox Sports 1 . WOWza 

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ROLEX 24! The marathon auto race and the end of Racing Offseason in America ! 
7 am - Now - 2:20PM Fox Sports 1 - I've watched it on line and on Fox Sports Go for 13 of 19 hours !

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@lukeparks62 Circle your calendar, Jan 24 starting at 2:30 p , Fox , FS1 , FS2 will cover Rolex 24 sportscar race at Daytona. 50+ different vehicles in it

And since FS1 used a new one to follow Motorcyclists standings from that race in Anaheim I assume Fox is going back to a 'column' board. 

Looked clean too... 

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And its the sweetest show ever :) @stuie299 Its the new official recap show of Sports Riots

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Remember when DTV conversion came and went and NBC Affiliates (some that is, ours in NY did) showed ' Universal Sports '

Those guys went to satellite only deals - I bet they can't be too pleased they weren't mentioned , or were kept in mind

God I miss Universal Sports

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How about the ESPN Fantasy interface- is it affected too

I like new rollouts and updated styles but ESPN fantasy had a certain comfort and ease in its display of player rankings - I don't want them to overhaul that , not sure if it will be mostly positives if they did

But I'll blog about it to fellow owners

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@DanielOrmsby Dont forget SportsCar Racing <3 Im a simraceway com player and sometimes FS2 has Continental Tire Sportscar action - with tracks and cars in our game- 

FoxSportsGo is a remedy for FS1 only subscribers like us - we get the raw deal with no FS2 on our tier

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Me and my Pro Wrasslin blogger friends are scratching our heads 

Impact Wrestling / TNA also will not be on Spike after several weeks too - 

Not having a CM Punk around, or any stars in their 90s / 2000s prime hurts . Not to mention everyone's broke paying for NFL sunday ticket / MLB / NBA league passes

We'll see indeed - maybe Daniel Bryan is the guy that'll carry the whole business. Sounds crazy to me honestly

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Absolutely Matt

My biggest fear living in this generation - Im 25 about to be 26 -

its that it is becoming obvious - that we are raised to not be keen and truly understanding communicators,

But we are trained, as much , as we are good for standardized tests, for strictly office work, to be obedient, or whatever

I personally got in an unfortunate situation talking about relationships and mishaps - and it turned into a productive and positive new relationship with that facebook friend

It goes to show the problem - 1) there is no real* true grasp on this men & women double standard you refer to .

2) Like I said I think the more families we would have had to bring up children to be aware , psychologically - since we live in The Internet world now not the Telephone world 

3) Your great point : "Hopefully all of us ... who participate in this medium can continue to grow and evolve ourselves, including yours truly. " Certainly more effort to do than say . But it makes sense


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Yeah , and I just looked at our cable bill . Since Matt Yoder wrote this, its now in our Cable

pack BTN Starting August is  added to  "Preferred" tier, its under the HBO tiers .  @chiparm1 It has NFL Network , MLB Net, NBA TV and Fox Sports 1 

But NO Fox Sports 2 . Lame for me, the sports car racing gamer & fan

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Another reminder that in era of new ESPN competition @panderson1988 Fox is proving itself to be capable of matching ESPN in its lows hah

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Semantics AA --- "Football" can mean either Gridiron , like a College Bowl game which would've been cool beans 

I didn't read it as Association Football - which is what you guys delved into. Footy ~ 

Get with the program :) 

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@atvcar Except the Corporatocracy has its influence in Government, the Houses of Congress AND the Supreme Court

So technically *everyone* is a thieving bastard

How can one cheer for either side: We're only going to still be charged $10/ month for ESPN anyways

The broadcasters are doing what they have to do- stay relevant in the world of Internet . Which will make it serendipitous when the next medium trumps the Internet

and, at which time, the Internet providers will sue and beg to stay relevant ~

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@Hawthorne Wingo  The irony is that bottomline is way more reserved than the SC Set itself. It almost doesn't fit in.

But our Rutgers logo will look good on it, so I guess its something, for my fellow fans

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Besides grumbling over how still, our cable bills are so inflated because of ESPN, gaming the system the way they can, This is a bit fascinating

Personally I admit I want to see a Deeper ESPN Bottom Line like what Fox Sports 1 did in first month, and what ESPNews HD had 

But , coming from someone who made youtube fantasy sport videos, IT IS HARD to get data for onscreen graphics, Like bottom line . So can't wait to see what our cable bill went towards , tonight

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Do they start this Sunday? Or the Sunday after that ? Semantics :)

I wonder if they will have a new Bottomline -- I count time with different style/theme of the Bottomline. 

Since getting cable, I've lived through 2 so far

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Douglas thanks man& Congrats I loved your SOTB premise very much :) 

As a Rutgers fan & a racer video gamer, I took some satisfaction from your site, showing that one of the Seton Hall ' s Big east tourney game this year ALMOST got beat in ratings...

... to a Fox Sports 1 presentation of  the Tudor united sportscar series 12 Hour race of Sebring.

The two hours lol , of a 12 hour race, almost beat Seton Hall viewership lol Your site was great for a laugh :) keep it up 

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Right about MyNetTV  @Raymie I thought they used to show a 1hr taped presentation of MMA ,

that was during time Seth Petruzelli beat Kimbo Slice lol

I almost forgot they are like ion TV - lite . Syndication heavy network...

Plus, being in the cable &over the top internet content era IDK if anything can really help the CW other than viewers sick and tired of American Idol or The Bachelor/Bachelorette

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Is There Any Remote Chance, that the CW and My Network TV can strike together some groundbreaking deal with one of the big sporting leagues??

Today, They are about as old as Fox Network was when they got a hold of their NHL/ MLB / NFL TV rights deals. Fox started, I think 1986 ( I was born 88)

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I like the Masters but @jjrichards  Get Over It

Golf will ALWAYS be a fabric of culture. Auto Racing , However, is a lost , dwindling art

And it amuses me that people today rather see Hot Dog Speed Eating than Speeding Cars

In the annals of history - people will remember J.R. Hildebrand winning the Indy 500 in 2011 - then in a random moment of bizarre misfortune - he crashes and the Late Great Dan Wheldon drives ahead

Who's going to remember that guy who shot the ball into the water 3 times while playing for the lead at The Players' 2011?

Then again PGA should pay you a lot to endorse their sport's legacy.

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15+ years ... I still watch Indy 500 ~ to this day

But really wished I grew up seeing the ones in the 80s... 90s during the breakup was Meh, I've seen the reruns on ESPN Classic and my On Demand

Just a bit out of body, that I get to race online at Simraceway, and I get to try out the virtual Indy -

Playing the sim really explains the Insanity of racing there !

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I am a Rutgers alum living in Brooklyn NY 

WE STILL DO NOT have BTN - Big Ten Network , on Cablevision - it is in the same pricing tier as Cinemax

So right now we have the Barclays Premier League NBC feeds but no Rutgers lol
I dont know if my neighbors can even tell me where Crystal Palace plays ! 

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Good to know our $9+ /month ESPN cable subscription , with its reporting from Darren Rovell and Rick Reilly , Is TOTALLY Worth The Money

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I want to see this TV crew in the NBA 2k Game series - like how Shaq and Chuck will just do halftime cutscenes messing with each other's workplace

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This was wonderful to see before bedtime

And I thought TNT was going broke with the blacked out background screen

Took me a while to figure out what Chuck was laughing about !!

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Stump The Schwab ! We need Howie on this project !

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I knew Detroit mobsters buried someone down the 3B line a la Jimmy Hoffa

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Conversation @


Starving to see TNT and any other broadcaster do Old School Night

and have a graphics set - WITHOUT Opaque Backgrounds. 3:37 lol 

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Kurt Busch , the outlaw, is last person I'd respect for his candor and personality to press

However, It Was A Typical Martinsville Race. No real estate to spare on track, no real estate to spare on pit road . You expect all the competitors to be saints !?

Too many writers are seeking blood and fury from drivers and that's irresponsible and meaningless. Exhibit A: Jayski reported that Nielsen Ratings were down from last year's race too . 

Forcing the narrative of No Holds barred / girls and boys have at it , doesnt guarantee more Nascar water cooler talk let alone ratings

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Definitely looks great and current - NASCAR-Fox updated theirs to show time interval difference from leaders
Big loss though - the NASCAR board doesn't show stylized numerical fonts , the prior generation foxbox did

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Hey guys good compilation --- a correction

Pete Fenson and Kevin Martin joined Fred Roggin in Stamford Ct NOT New York

Thats where NBC's HQ is at - I recognize it from F1 coverage too

1 year, 1 month ago on The Top 10 Announcers from the 2014 Winter Olympics


But obviously - NO REASON for any player to enter stands and engage. 

1 year, 1 month ago on SportsCenter circles the wagons on Marcus Smart


Coming from going to Rutgers, back before Julie Hermann - Coach Mike Rice -gate , There was A TON of heat because several of our fans said inappropriate things to the Navy football team

There HAS to be responsibility from fans- When it comes to saying the wrong things, let alone racist words- there's no place for it So I Hope they investigate at least if this happens to be the case.

Buying ticket lets you root the home team positively THERE IS NO RIGHT in using slurs - Rutgers was called out for it and every team's fans need to be aware that this is unacceptable

This bad choice of words could make the fans here look as bad as those in European soccer games , shouting slurs at players like Luis Suarez or  Balotelli SMH

1 year, 1 month ago on SportsCenter circles the wagons on Marcus Smart


I BET Donovan McNabb calling out Jimmie Johnson and racecar drivers 'un-athletic', was the reason for lack of viewer interest in FS Live. 

I admit I'm a racing fan BUT I see other sports like golf and ultimate frisbee and Hot Dog Speed eating as legit. 

If you're a personality on a sports show,, the least you can do is have a cursory glance at the dynamics and challenges of 'the game' before making rash and superficial comments like McNabb did. (I like him and still do but he lost plenty of points on my card)

1 year, 2 months ago on It may be time for Fox Sports 1 to panic over this number


Don't remind me :/ Even worse I have Android 2.3 device Imagine my fury when I find my phone cant support fsGo

1 year, 3 months ago on Fox Sports quietly launches companion app for FS1


2001 's NBC NASCAR ... Dale Jr winning at Daytona . I remember it like yesterdayBut ESPNs tech and production had more value than NBC did , just missing that something to make it memorable Honestly tho , after getting Barclays Premier football + F1 + MLS + NHL  how is NBC going to afford NASCAR in terms of rights fees AND timeslotsSalary cap much haha 

2 years, 1 month ago on Could NASCAR return to NBC? | February | 2013


When  I heard it live I thought "come on man its bad enough, Pacquiao is knocked out and not getting up , is this really the time to bring ANYTHING up?"Young kids and their boxing rofl I'm surprised those regretful* spur of the moment comments don't come up often! 

2 years, 3 months ago on Jim Lampley apologizes for tsunami comparison to Manny Pacquiao knockout