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The actions of your current, soon to be late telephone provider are horrible beyond measure.  In a prior life I was a consultant in that field, but not affiliated with any one provider: ALL client's needs are unique to their business and their usual practices.  I wish that I could help you, but I just don't do that work any longer.  Yes, I charged a substantial fee, but I was able to couple that with an absolute guarantee.  (No client ever asked for even a partial refund.)  The short answer is, Heck Yes!  You can find a provider that will meet your needs, treat you with respect and not yank the rug out from under you at a critical moment.  The rest of the solution is that you do not have to tackle the   problem alone, nor do all of the configurations yourself. (You do have more important things to do, no?) If you find the right consultant, one interested in solving your problems, not selling a specific product, you will likely consider their fee as one of the top two or three best investments you've ever made in your growing business.  You properly note that telecommunications (your 'telephone system') is absolutely vital in your line of work.  If you are to properly service your customers, it has to work properly, 24//7.  Period.  Please consider some truly expert, professional help and from a consultant that will help you monitor the effectiveness of your system and help you make any necessary adjustments as your business evolves.  You don't need glitz and bling, but experience, knowledge and a genuine desire to configure the composite to fit YOUR needs.  Changing your practices to fit the telephone system is not necessary.  In qualified hands, the system can be configured to work YOUR way.  Best wishes for continued success and please, 'get some professional help,' 

1 year, 11 months ago on In the Trenches: The Virtual Phone System Scramble


The writer may - or may not - have a point.  As another commenter asks, how does the 'dork' affect your business?  Including the word suggests a degree of informality in the business relationship, one probably welcomed by some.   I also agree with the original point that it IS a but unprofessional.  Personally, I would not use it, but I'm a generation or two older than you and your staff.  Best advice:  For the moment do nothing.  If the subject ever comes up again, in any context, the 'dork' should instantly vanish.  From another perspective, your existing clients (often called the Golden Repeat Business) have become repeat customers based upon service and performance.  If any potential new clients have passed on making that critical, first contact, I guess you'll never know.  You might also ask yourself, "Does including 'dork' add anything of value to our business image, other that a mostly inside, self-satisfying chuckle?" If yes, keep it.  If no, lose it.  One dork to another, I hope the foregoing helps.  -C.

2 years, 4 months ago on In the Trenches: Should We Drop the ‘Dork’?