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God I love this debate. You really don't need a USB connection as much as you think. The Bluetooth option really does work pretty well. Now as far as storage, there are oodles of web storage providers and you can even setup your nexus 7 to sync your stuff to Google's service as well. As far as digital cameras go, I'd probably get one with Wi-Fi built in so I could upload them again to a cloud server and then d/l it to whatever kind of device I wanted to edit them on. As far as why people pick android over iOS is usually price. Then there is good old american rebellion. Apple is now that status quo that people seek to rebel against and android is now a viable platform to do that with. While it's true that Google may be building a walled garden, it's still a more open garden then windows or iOS.

2 years, 4 months ago on Nexus 4 Does Not Support USB OTG