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You know what needs the teamcast concept?  Baseball.  If I'm watching the world series and my team was playing, I would love to hear the announcers I've heard all year long calling world series games.  I mean I know I'm in a minority when I say that Joe Buck isn't that bad, but the prospects of having Kruk and Kuip call a Giants world series would be great.  Considering everything is moving to Cable anyway, why not try it. 

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Isn't the Final Four such a big event that it should always be on the network, in this case CBS?  I feel like I'm up on media sports news (Why I follow this site for the most part) but I still don't understand why the final four was on TBS, and not CBS, where it's been every year for the last 20+ years.  That might have added to the confusion. 

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@Tom J  This was when I think I stopped listening to The Game full time.  That decision to not have the games on but to send all their hosts to a Bar to get drunk and be as immature as possible really pissed me off, especially since they got the tournament only a year prior. 

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