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Hi Christina,

Love the two examples of moving online interactions with customers offline.

Think that using social platforms to evolve relationships online or offline is, as you describe in the opening, the real beauty of social media.

Think that brands with social media channels devoid of the essential social component will find equally disengaged audiences on the other end. Social-less online environments are essentially static support or push-marketing mediums.

And think that brands, including B2Bs, that integrate social media outreach across the organization -- a la guest services at the Four Seasons -- will, by standard measures, enjoy fruitful relationships with their audiences!

-Chris Ehrlich

4 years ago on Social Media: Personal or Impersonal?


@jeffespo @ChrisEhrlich Hear you. Really like your line about not hitting the panic button on social media (over broadcasting, etc.)!

4 years, 4 months ago on Where does marketing fit into social media?


Hi Jeff,

Think that marketing, like PR, should play a key role in leveraging an organzation's social media channels.

The depth and potential of social media require that they receive the attention and expertise, on some level, of multiple departments/team members.

That said, while every company's org. chart is different, someone must be charged to lead social media and make sure the ojbectives of all internal stakeholders are accomplished (e.g., legal, sales, HR, C suite).


4 years, 4 months ago on Where does marketing fit into social media?