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I was a occasional fan until 1967. I was 19 and watching the World Series fron a bunk at Phiadelphia Naval Hospital, enemy territory. We lost but I gained some regional pride seeing how all these other guys could hate the Sox so passionately. I was a local, a St. Mary's Lynn graduate, I had met people playing.


A couple of years later I waited on Landsdowne for the Bleachers to open paid my $2.? $2.25 entrance fee. Then I walked up the ranp to the bleachers between Section 35 and 36. 


The sight was breathtaking, awesome in the biblical sense. Pure, pristine.  How I suspect Eden would look like, what Beethoven was thinking of in his 6th.


Well, the pristine didn't last with $.75 beers and the trench that served as a toilet back then. But it was a fun night usually at the Drunken Doobies seating section high above the range of any cop.


My son and I go 2/3 times a year, we splurge for Pavilion handicapped seats and still have a great time. Thanks Fenway. 

3 years ago on I’m In Love. With a Ballpark.