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I am now about to go back to target and get my 3rd one of these. The first unit powered off randomly while plugged into power and the 3.5mm port. I contacted their support (first girl had been there a day) and then was contacted back by her supervisor. She was going to call me today. I never heard from them and went back to target and got a replacement unit. This unit will allow me to turn the volume down on the speaker but the volume up button does not turn the volume back up. I have to reset the speaker to get it to go back to 10 but there is no going to 11. Calling their support got me another girl who had been there a day. It really is too bad, the sound is actually quite good on these. Hopefully the 3rd unit will have not issues.

2 years, 3 months ago on G-Project G-GRIP Bluetooth Speaker Review