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Where do you get your number of payroll already at $135 million is my first question? To comment on your last "possibility of trades" I don't think giving up Richards for James Shields is very wise. I see a lot of similarities in the two pitchers, and It's likely James Shields commands the same top dollar Greinke is when James hits free agency. Garrett Richards has +pitches across the board and has been developing well. So far through my calculations the payroll is at an approximate $130 million. leaving $20-$25 million to spend. If the right deal is in place we should be capable of extending that number to $25-$30.

Moves I feel should be made could be acted upon from 12/7-2/1...

#1 Trade Alberto Callaspo to Yankess

    Angels get Joba Chamberlain. Contingent on Kevin Youkilis signing 1 yr $9 M with 2014 $5 million player opt.

#2 Sign Zack Greinke (I think there has been no signing so far because Zack really wants to come back, but the Angels aren't budging on the inflation of Zacks market).

#3  (If Zack signs with Dodgers...) Trade Kendrys Morales & Hank Conger to Rays

      Angels get James Shields. Contingent based on Josh Hamilton signing.

#4 Trade Jerome Williams to Cardinals

     Angels get Skip Schumaker


2 years, 4 months ago on What's next for the post-Greinke Angels?