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@ginidietrich @ssusina I had that come up from a sales VP--I presented a multi-touch campaign, designed to touch the customer once per week over a two month stretch.  He thought the most motivated customers might want to download everything in the campaign all at once.  I think it was phrased something like "What if the customer was going to decide tomorrow--they'll only get one touch" 

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When using content for programmed drip marketing, do you give the reader an option consume each "drip" as quickly as they want?  Or is it best to program an intentional delay in each successive piece of content--say only deliver once per day/week? 

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What is your recommendation on whether content should be gated vs. ungated for use in lead generation.  Some companies gate everything.  Others only in certain stages of the  demand gen funnel.  

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Some great growth-hacking ideas!  We haven't tried the newsletter signup--that sounds like a good place to start experimenting.   


Meanwhile, I'd like to offer an additional idea that builds on #1 (Set Expectations for the Next Steps).  If your Thank You page is for an event or webinar, include a link to a calendar reminder.  Yes, you have to create, upload and host the file somewhere. But why not ask someone who just registered to make the incremental commitment to attend by entering the time/place/date into their calendar while the event is still fresh in their mind?  


Plus, you can include in the reminder any special instructions (directions to the event, use the side door, don't park in the loading zone).


Example:  Now that you're signed up for the Marshmallow Toasting Demo, make sure its included in your calendar! Click here to download a calendar reminder for 6:30 PM on July 29th.  We'll also send you an email reminder as the date nears.

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You might want to check out

I'd say she gets originality points for changing coffee to tea, but that's about all she changed.  

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A quick search  suggests  the 70% number is from SiriusDecisions.  


I don't agree with the premise that this is a "whopper".  Having worked in demand generation, customers today are far less likely than in the past to take an early stage sales appointment--what we used to call a "discovery" call. A few years ago it was relatively easy to get sales appointments with nothing more than a "Let us come by, learn about your business objectives, and share what's new from our company".  Today?  Customers not only won't take that meeting, they turn down gift cards, steak dinners, iPods, sports tickets, etc.--all to avoid having to ensure a sales call.   


Because the buyers know what comes next.  Take a "discovery" call and endure weekly phone calls from the vendor wondering how soon to expect the PO. 


On the other end, I don't think its unusual to come across situations where the customer has already concluded that  they have a potential challenge, researched the various solutions, identified potential vendors, built an internal business case, and decided to move forward--all before they've taken their first sales call. Does all that up-front effort amount to precisely 70%?  Who really knows for sure.     


More importantly, does the percentage really matter?  I say, no.  Regardless of whether the precise number is 57%, 70%, 39%, 27% etc, B2B marketers have to align themselves with the reality that customers have been increasing their up-front research and analysis, and if the vendors aren't visible during that window, they're not going to be on the list of those invited in for that first sales call. 




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I think you have the steps backwards.  


Job seekers need to find the insider first.  Communicate with them, and most importantly find out from them how you apply as part of that company's referral program. 


If you apply first, you're not an employee referral in the CareerXroads sense--you're in the pool of hundreds (if not thousands) of other applicants.  Maybe that internal connection can pull you out of that pool down the road--but in many cases they cannot.


More importantly--think about this process from the insider's perspective.  In most cases, their biggest incentive is the employee referral bonus--which can amount to thousands of dollars for a successful hire.  That bonus is often paid out only if the candidate is new--no bonus is paid for anyone already in the applicant tracking system.  


Do you really want to cost that person their bonus just before asking them to take time (and risk their reputation via a recommendation) to help you?


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