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Me: “Hello, my name is John”
All: “Hello John”
Me: “It’s been 1 hour since my last usage of the Words With Friends app!”
All: “Good job John!”

I read this post yesterday and it made me think how many times I stop work and play Words With Friends (it’s always beeping at me…begging me, taunting me, to post a new word).

So, I decided to put my iPhone in Airplane Mode even though I was at my desk and nowhere near an airport.

I forgot how much work can actually get done in one hour!

New rule for me : 1pm to 2pm is “Airplane Mode Time”. During this hour, please leave me alone, I’m actually getting shit done.

Thanks for this post Gini!

3 years, 5 months ago on Getting More Done: My Secret


Great post Gini. America, wake the 'f up! In my opinion, it is our Obligation to peaceably petition our government. Any means necessary. I call my crazy, right-winged congressman on a weekly basis (I'm now on a first name basis with his admin. :-) I now have another Democratic tool to sound my ideas to the belt-way . This site might not be the perfect means to shape/affect policy, but I see this as another method that We The People can voice our opinions. least it's more constructive than a call-in AM radio show. 

3 years, 7 months ago on White House Creates Crowdsourcing Site


Agreed. Sad that 60mins gives Mark Z more air-time than Bernanke. Hello? Does anybody remember the financial crisis???

4 years, 4 months ago on The Facebook PR Mess with “60 Minutes”


1) Gini, I agree that Facebook's rollout-plan was a mess-up. No company is above that.

2) Turning to 60 Minutes for a "rollout announcement"? Brilliant. Facebook's user-base is only large because of email-invites and word-of-mouth. I'm willing to bet thousands of older Americans checked out Facebook for the first time on Monday....they invite their friends....wa'la : email-invites and word-of-mouth. My thinking here was proven today; on a call with my dad, he asks : "Hey, have you heard of this thing called Facebook?"

What social-network do I turn to when the one I’m using isn’t “cool” anymore?

4 years, 4 months ago on The Facebook PR Mess with “60 Minutes”