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When Greg Lemond got shot by his brother in law back in 1987, what was he wearing?  A fluorescent vest to make himself visible to others?  Neon?  Whites and yellows to stand out from the landscape?


No.  He was wearing fucking camouflage and got shot by a trigger happy idiot who saw something move.


Few animals naturally produce fluorescent colours, and most animals can't see fluorescent or any othercolour.  Anyone dumb enough not to wear fluorescent while hunting is too stupid to own a gun.  And anyone dumb enough to shoot AT a fluorescent colour should himself be shot.  He's not smart enough to deserve to live.


It wouldn't surprise me if Sveum was stupidly wearing camouflage or other colours that blended in with the landscape.  And if he was wearing fluorescent colours, then  Yount is an even bigger idiot than that.


2 years, 4 months ago on Cubs manager Dale Sveum shot in hunting accident by Robin Yount | December | 2012 Articles


"Strategic"? Pathetic would be a better word for it.


The "writer" is willingly and gutlessly ignoring and avoiding other facts about the non-con scheduling of the SECond rate conference.


Among the 24 "non-AQ" teams scheduled by the PAC12, many of them are teams that can and have beaten "AQ" teams regularly. This year alone the PAC12 played Fresno State (twice), BYU (three times), San Diego State, Nevada, Houston, and I'm NOT counting teams like Duke (usually an AQ weakling), Toledo, Utah State or San Jose State who surprised the hell out of everyone. The PAC12 doesn't hide from the best "non-AQ" teams, they play them, and sometimes suffer the consequences (remember the 1-6 record against "non-AQ" teams like Boise, Fresno, BYU and others a few years ago?).


The SECond rate conference, on the other hand, only takes on the weakest "non-AQ" teams it can find. Who were the "best" of the "non-AQ" teams the SECond rate conference played? East Carolina, Central Florida, Troy (twice), Western Kentucky (twice), Louisiana Tech, Southern Methodist, Tulsa. It hardly compares to the teams the PAC12 played. And the rest of the pathetic schedules included bottom feeders like Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Massachusetts, Florida Atlantic, North Texas, Idaho, and New Mexico State. If they had known that Bowling Green, Louisiana-Monroe and Middle Tennessee were going to do what they did, the SECond rate teams would have cancelled those games (see: Florida running away from a 2009 rematch at Hawaii).


And that's without any mention of the SECond rate teams' abject fear of travelling for away games.

2 years, 4 months ago on SEC and the art of strategic scheduling


Herbstreit should change his name to Gobshite. The definition on the Urban Dictionary is an accurate description of him.


gobshite (n.) Loud-mouthed person who talks a lot, but nothing with any value


He whines about the schedules of NIU and other "mid majors", yet he calls it "tough scheduling" when the SECond rate conference teams all play I-AA teams.  If NIU is "so much worse", the "big" teams should drop the I-AA games and play the I-A teams that DO want to play them.


But that's not what this is about.  Hypocrite fanbois like Herb Gobshite want to protect and hype the teams they like.  They're absolutely terrified of "small" teams earning respect and credibility on the field, which would happen  by winning games.  "Small" teams can't win the propaganda war, and gutless cowards like Gobshite know it.


2 years, 4 months ago on Kirk Herbstreit's baseless BCS bashing of Northern Illinois is the "absolute joke"