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Amazed that Mr. Sec  apparently thinks this could have ended any other way.  As for the timing, who cares?  Does one really think that by waiting two weeks  instead of doing it immediately indicate some kind of moral failure by Saban?  I know the media is all about passing judgement and moralizing but geez, get over yourselves.

2 years, 1 month ago on Question: How Many Bama Fans Would Have Called For Due Process If Saban Had Acted Immediately?


There's no problem with gray-shirting as long as both parties agree to it. Saban has used it ever since LSU,  as have other schools. Last year there was a big stink about it because that was the first year of the new cap on recruiting and Saban miscalculated the numbers and had to ask two recruits to gray-shirt late in the process.  LSU and South Carolina are two other schools who got into some controversey about it previously.  Last year was the only year Saban has ever screwed it up and with the new rules put in, I think it was a one-off situation. If it ever happens again with Saban, I too will villify him, we'll see.  As I understand it, the kid will now come in for the winter quarter next January, along with early enrollees and essentially will be one of them in all respects.

2 years, 2 months ago on Get Ready For Complaints: Bama Switches Recruit’s Scholarship To Grayshirt


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 LSU aren't fools either. They always have an open date before Bama. The SEC really set the table for them this year as Bama had to play while LSU was resting.  Of course it didn't work out, but the SEC did their part

2 years, 3 months ago on Some LSU Fans Wanting Out Of The SEC? We Thought They Were The Tigers, Not The Chickens


There's a video showing a Georgia player gouging at the eye of an Alabama player.  Has McGarrity said anything about suspensions regarding this?

2 years, 4 months ago on Bama’s Dial “Getting A lot Of Heat” Over Hit On UGA’s Murray, But Will He Get A Suspension?