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i don't think anyone but Dial can define his intent.i also believe that one should look at his past record both on and off the field.Has he made this type of block a habit during the regular season or seasons past,taken bath salt type drugs,mugged or assaulted innocent people,thrown beer bottles across a parking lot and injured innocent property,and finally if we to use video to convict after the fact,how does one determine the intent of a block in the back or a chop block(i.e.-williams#54-ithink?at 13:13 in the 3rd? quarter.was there not a referee approx 5ft. from the block.Anyway,i tend to get wordy,i just think we should let those in charge of policing do their job.People like ESPN using words like hunted,dirty,cowardly,cheapshot should spend a few of their PRECIOUS resources to look at a man's overall character rather than drum up anger for their childish viscerated-vitreolic remarks for RATINGS SAKE.

2 years, 4 months ago on Bama’s Dial “Getting A lot Of Heat” Over Hit On UGA’s Murray, But Will He Get A Suspension?