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Honestly I would go with a B-. Locking up Pence at 5/90mil is looking like a steal compared to what Jacoby got and what Choo thinks hes going to get (turned down 7 for 140 mil from the yanks!!). People want to complain about them never doing anything but then never provide a realistic option for something they could have done. They kicked the tires on Trumbo it sounds like but ugh, you want him playing in left? Would rather have Morse for 6 mil and one year. Many people out there have supported the Hudson signing which I think will turn out to be great. They weren't getting Beltran, Choo and Ellsbury to begin with so can't look there. They came out early and said they weren't signing anyone who got a QO and I can't blame them. Their farm system needs all the picks they can get to try and build some strength back.

I have been and continue to be an optimist when it comes to the Giants. It always boils down to health and when the team is healthy they look like they can play. The money argument is honestly a tired one since the payroll was among the highest in the bigs last year and will go up this year even more. If you want Sabes and ownership group to hand out big contracts to guys like Choo and Jacoby and hamstring the club even more then thats your prerogative. Personally id rather them be smart and hope this next platoon of young pitchers lives up to the hype.

1 year, 4 months ago on Grading Brian Sabean’s offseason


Update: The Mets signed Granderson, not that it really changes much with the overall article. I actually don't really have a problem with what @AdrianReynoldssaid in moving Belt to LF but I am still suspect of Loney's performance.

1 year, 4 months ago on Giants have few options for upgrading the outfield


I know it is early but what about an update on Panik?

2 years ago on Post your questions for the Minor League Mailbag