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Costas said it perfectly. Guns ARE the problem. Right wing dolts say if she had a gun everything would've been ok. No you mindless RW morons. There would have been 2 dead in that apartment and maybe more. Ignorant and braindead conservatives are so stupid they believe everyone in the Aurora movie theater had guns the tragedy wouldn't have happened. The reality is having 200 people firing guns in a dark theater would've killed almost everyone in the theater. It's sad conservatives are so infinitely ignorant and stupid. In study after study with well trained professionals like cops they all have demonstrated during a crisis they would shoot the wrong person. But studies, facts and reality have no room in a conservative's 'brain'. They need their guns to prove their manhood. Sadly, the calibers of their guns are equal to their low IQs, not many over 32 or 45. Most are 22. While they worship their guns these same dolts claim to be Christians, totally oblivious to the obvious fact Jesus would never carry a gun. Conservatives claiming to be Christians have zero faith in Jesus. Hell, their only love are their beloved guns they need to raise their diminished egos. Any person who needs a gun for their self worth are just one instance away from being on the evening news as the murderer of another human being. But in their gross ignorance they don't care. They WANT an altercation so they can pull out their guns and begin firing wildly because they don't have the brains, reasoning ability and rational adult abilities to resolve issues in a sane and non-violent manner. Infantile conservative gun addicts and the corrupt NRA are responsible for every gun death and the blood of every victim is on their hands. But they don't care because they don't have the aptitude or the common sense to act like responsible adults.

2 years, 4 months ago on Video: Bob Costas' halftime essay delves into Jovan Belcher and gun control