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I think it is unrealistic to expect (from me, at least) a yes/no, good/bad decision on Wikileaks. On one hand, it is comforting to know that in private our diplomats express many of the same opinions that to me represent a reflection of reality; on another hand I think that publicly airing these opinions might apply an incentive to certain entities (China, anyone?) to change their postures; on another hand I think that spilling these beans cannot in any material way be helpful for on-going diplomatic endeavors; and on a fourth hand I wonder, if the intent of Wikileaks is to shine light on the private world of diplomacy to bring accountability and honesty to the fore, why it has to solely focus on the US - we're not the only ones at the diplomatic table.

In the end, though, I think you end up with so many hands your are Shiva, the Destroyer.

As much as I appreciate what is in the first two hands, I think that unless literally everyone's cables are made public, enough is enough.

4 years, 4 months ago on Wikileaks: Truth and Consequences


Hey Mark,

As usual, I'm about four days behind in my reading of your blog. I agree - pretty much - with all five of your points, but the one I try to go by is to tell your own story. It helps to have a great headline, but if you are telling your own story, you will be personal, you will be real, and because it is of your essence it is likely that your prose will flow more smoothly. Where I disagree a little is that point about making it entertaining: I don't expect everyone to find my writing entertaining (as long as some do!), just as I don't expect all businesses to find my business services to be what they need.

Actually, taking a lesson from your and your blog, I'd add point #6: work to build your community - if your story is compelling, they will come and share and {grow}.

I appreciate being part of your community.

4 years, 4 months ago on The five elements of a perfect blog post