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I went to a lot of Flyers games as a kid in Dayton, and saw a number of talented players throughout my childhood. Brian was perhaps the finest I had seen in that time, with maybe the exception of Chris Wright (no, the other Chris Wright. Go check Wikipedia). Brian's NCAA and NBA careers personify a textbook mid-major Flyers program (our greatest achievement of recent memory was an NIT championship in the 2009-10 season), as he plays with the verve and tenacity of a school that gets most of its attention by knocking off rival Xavier at least once a year. But know this- even though all but the most devoted fans will probably never know his name, Brian Roberts will get the respect he deserves in this league. There's a reason neighboring like Ohio State, Indiana, and Kentucky never schedule Dayton for non-conference games, and that's because it's hard to play a "tune-up" game in front of 17,000 diehard fans in a city with nothing else to live for. Brian Roberts is small-city Ohio, and though it may not mean much to you, it means plenty to him. That's what makes his game so noble. He plays the game like Dayton and Toledo- too small to win, but too big and strong not to try. 

2 years, 1 month ago on Fringe Events- Brian Roberts: Dilemma of a Civilized Man


ParoxyIntern, you gotta watch your grammar out there. "There is simply more talented baseball players then basketball players in the world?" C'mon, young buck. Get your singular/plural verb game up. 

2 years, 4 months ago on RTOE: HP Mailbag Roundtable!