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Great read. Doing something similar made me leave FourSquare as the first network ever.

3 years, 7 months ago on Great Social Networking Cleanup of 2011


I retweeted this some hours ago, but got side tracked before i could write my full response.

eBay used to have good customer service. You could find contact details for both general queries and more serious stuff.

But these days it is very VERY hard to find any help details on eBay and when you report any dodgy dealings you get help-poor auto-responses such as "A transaction is a binding contract between you and the buyer/seller. Please pay/deliver" with no relevance to the problem you are trying to alert eBay to, possibly even criminal.

This is not only for individuals but for SMEs as well.

Is eBay siding with the bad guys? No, the truth is somewhat more scary: eBay is so large and so secure in its market dominance that they don't care! Users, no matter how aggravated, will continue to use eBay.

This isn't a crusade against eBay, but to highlight that Facebook is in a similar position.

As Mark has previously pointed out Facebook is now the friends network and it is neigh impossible to challenge that position. As such Facebook can, like eBay, afford not to care about its users, they won't leave anyway.

As such, I don't believe it is correct to call this behaviour a Fatal Flaw because it isn't. It is just a sign of how big Facebook is and how insignificant we are as individual users.

4 years, 4 months ago on Facebook's fatal flaw