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Just like they did with the Atari flashback, I want an arcades flashback. Something we can hook up to the TV, a console in the likes of Neo Geo, that would be like a Mame emu, but that would also receive fresh new games from many devs, but the games would be in the good old 16 bit fashion and have high scores in them just like in the arcades. 2D in all it's glory and artistic style. Pixels would have to be limited to a vertical 224 or 240 at the most, while it can vary on the width part: 256, 288, 320 or more - and a good 16 bit synthesizer for the music and sounds. Sort of like a continuation to the arcades, so they can make a comeback, this time to our home's huge tv. Then you can bet for an awesome new 2D castlevania game and many others

2 years, 4 months ago on RUMOR: Behind the Scenes with First Party Hardware and Third Party Software Next Gen