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 Talked about this with Time last year here - - It's all about a reflection of culture and the company's values. You're right that they should show specific purpose. My official title (it's on my offer letter) is 'Ambassador of Buzz.' I don't think it could be more accurate to what I do each day for Grasshopper handling our public relations and building buzz for the company. That said, Morgan Stanley's spokesperson probably shouldn't be an Ambassador of Buzz. It's all about the company and culture you're part of.

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Write your resume like a Journalist would summarize/write a news story. Agree w/Matt. It's all about the action verbs and drop the lame passive-voice.

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Just a quick correction to the mention about Grasshopper. We've served over 100,000 customers to do date, not one million. Just don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. That being said, thanks for the awesome shout-out!

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@Frank_Strong I wish I was here for it, unfortunately before my time.  However, we just did something similar in October.  We FedEx'd (again) 1500 VHS tapes across the country to influencers telling them to go here -  Let me know what you think.

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Hey Frank - Thanks for the Grasshopper shout-out.  Glad that campaign has left such a great impression!

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Steli, loved the article. I work over at Grasshopper as the Ambassador of Buzz. I'm in the same boat believing the importance in communicating with customers via phone. I think managing those inbound calls and creating more touch points is great. You guys are doing AWESOME things with your product. Shoot me a note if you ever want to chat phones and tracking. Might be something there for both our companies. Email - 

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Definitely enjoyed reading this post.  PR is changing so much as everything moves 1000x faster with things published online.

Marketing and PR are so mashed up now.  They're definitely not independent.  You have to think about PR in the context of marketing the product/service as a whole, while also remembering how the PR strategy will work within the marketing outreach.  At least, that's how Grasshopper views it.  We look at PR as a tool of marketing and it drives our word-of-mouth.  I share a lot of similar beliefs about PR that John does.  Keep it personal, and just tell awesome stories that people want to read about.  Done and done.

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