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I purchased and installed it according to your instructions... I proceeded to fill out the info I wanted it to display and clicked "save"


It was wonky from the get go... I would enter the text and settings in the Pagelines > Site Options > Business Branding and click "save", reload my site and notice that changes were not taking effect.


I would reload again, and it would display differently. Then again, and again it would display differently.  The settings and info I was entering were not being saved properly.


Then, the worst happened. I entered all the settings in Business Branding again and saved. At that point ALL the settings I had set up in Pagelines > Site Options (Website Setup, Navigation, Custom Code, Header Scripts, Blog Layout, Meta, Logo image, Watermark image, social profile links)


All of the info I set up in Pagelines > Site Options was deleted !!!!!


So I had to delete your section and restore the site from a backup I had made yesterday... (lucky me!)


I'd love to use the section because my client is asking to include her phone number and email in the header, but I wont risk screwing up the whole site again...


How do I get my money back?

2 years, 3 months ago on Business Branding


 @Dannyh  @benyschonfeld Where can I find documentation about the specific classes I can use with this plugin???

2 years, 5 months ago on Browser Specific CSS


Hi Adam,


I love your plugin. But there are two things that really, really need improvement.


The first is a real pain in the butt: having to upload each pic individually is super time intensive... it's better now that one can "select from library"... But I would still love a more streamlined UI for uploading and completing the text fields for each picture (maybe allowing to upload multiple files simultaneously and then presenting them as a table with editable text fields for the title, etc)


The other is the lightbox: it works great on full screens but when viewing on tablets and mobile phones... not so great... it would be awesome if the plugin used some sort of media query to display the photo in a more mobile friendly way when the screen sizes correspond to tablets and mobiles.


Thanks again for a great plugin, I hope you can take these suggestions into consideration for your future updates. 

2 years, 6 months ago on Grid-Portfolio


I just upgraded to the latest version and the plugin stopped working... The window opens up, then when you select a shortcode from the menu the "gears" just turn and turn and nothing happens.


Please advice. Thanks.

2 years, 7 months ago on Bad Ass Shortcodes


Now that Pagelines uses LESS, is this plugin still necessary? Thx

2 years, 9 months ago on Browser Specific CSS


This is also just a test... to see the threaded comments.

4 years ago on Dummy Post Number 10 Marks The End Of Dummies As We Know Them