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Such good tips. As you know - when I was searching, I looked online and did research like I was studying for a thesis. I especially love the comment about the complaining - I HATE it when people tweet specific things about their company or how much the job (or not having a job) stinks. I might have said things in private, but you would never have known I was looking or unhappy at my old job by looking at my Twitter feed - and I definitely didn't bash anyone in my interview. I know some people who answer the question "why are you interested in this company" with "because the old company I worked for is awful and I want more money". Not good :) And ALWAYS say thank you or follow up with thank you notes regardless of the outcome. Anyway, I'm babbling. Thanks for another great post!

4 years, 4 months ago on First Impression: Eight Ways to Avoid a Bad One