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no disrespect, but these look like the doernbechers, like a sick kid designed them. It blows my mind how they even manage to sell a single pair of these, and the funniest part, they will sell out and then resellers will make double their money back. Who is buying this garbage?

1 year, 9 months ago on Air Jordan 1 XQ – 2013 Retro


It cracks me up how people are attempting to hate on these. A fresh colorway, not the same old white/black/red colorway that we see on EVERY "sneakerhead" aka hypebeasts feet. These remind me of the cavs iv release, everybody hating on a new colorway outside of the norm, trying toto earn e-cred, then once they hear its a quickstrike and as it gets closer to release date everyone sweats them. I havent bought a shoe since the cavs ivs and dont plan on it til these "Joker" 3s drop next year.

2 years, 4 months ago on “Joker” Air Jordan III