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i have to say, some of these photos look suspiciously similar to some that Anthony Weiner also took. Are you trying to create your own Shengate?

3 years, 7 months ago on Running in Boxer Briefs: My First 5k Race


As this applies to medical training: 80 hour weeks * 48 weeks/year * 3 years = 11,000 hours. Good to know that your doctor is an expert, in theory.

3 years, 11 months ago on Deliberate Practice & the 10,000 Hour Rule [link roundup]


nice post. lots of generalizable lessons to real life. i can't begin to imagine the mental discipline it takes to be a gymnast.

that study about the hip flexors is a little incredible. 80% of weight gain can't be from mental exertion alone (on the flip side, how would you explain muscle strength from subconscious overuse of a muscle, like heart hypertrophy from high blood pressure?)

4 years ago on What Gymnastics Taught Me About Acquiring and Mastering Skills