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Hi my name is Mario!, and I am 37 years old, and is receiving ssdi due to broken screws and collapsed cages in my spine!, and my Medicare will be kicking in here on dec.1, I receive 837 a month and they are telling me that when my Medicare kicks in that they will be deducting a 100 from my DISSABILITY which will leave me 737 a month, but that is only for part A and part B which does not cover my prescription cost!, so then I was told that I had to apply for a part D plan for my prescription cost!, but that still will only cover my prescriptions for a little more then half a year and then I would be responsible for the remainder of the year for my prscriptions out of my own pocket!, and on top of that that they would be taking an additional 100 out of my DISSABILITY for the part D plan, which by then will only leave me with 637 a month!, now I have a family that I have to take care of as well, and my wife does work but she is only a waitress and doesn't actually bring home what it say's she makes on paper, and I have three children, two that live with me and one that left to go stay with her mother, but I still help out with my daughters expenses, even though she is not residing with me!, my rent alone is 805 a month not counting my other expenses!, i have applied for state welfare assistance but have been denied!!!, I so desperatly need some kind of help or some kind of guidance to help me get to a place where I can afford to take care of my family and my medicare!, I do not know where else to turn!, so please if u can help I would be so grateful Signed desperately need help!!!, Mario LEYVA (

2 years, 4 months ago on Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits – Who's Eligible and How it Works