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 Incidentally, this isn't the only sex crime related to the football team that happened that year at Mizzou.  The other involved a quickly rising star running back, Derrick Washington:

While I believe what happened in this current case smells very fishy, and perhaps is a result of a school not wanting to get hit with another scandal, the school did give Mr. Washington the boot for his transgression.

1 year, 2 months ago on After Penn State, Would The NCAA Get Involved With Alleged Rape Charges At Missouri?


It looks like Petrino is continuing his education.  While at Arkansas, it became increasingly clear that for his offensive scheme to work, he needed a much better defense.  In his last year, he dropped Willie Robinson and nicked Paul Herndon from OSU.  Who knows if the new DC would have made the difference, but the year before, it was the defense that kept Arkansas from topping Alabama, for example, as well OSU.  Petrino believed that his offense could simply outscore his opponent, but in the SEC, at least, this proved wrong.  The fact that he grabbed a generally respectable DC from Georgia shows that he intends to correct past mistakes, and if Grantham can at least improve on Robinson, then Petrino could become very dangerous at Louisville.

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 @docaggie  Of the remaining open SEC coaching vacancies, Arkansas actually has to look the best.  Unlike Auburn or Tennessee, the team is removed from an 11-2 record by just a year.  One would hope, barring Petrino's penchant for aiming for lower ranked recruiting classes that there's a lot of potential waiting to be molded into a Top 15 / Top 10 team.  That is, the likelihood of a new coach coming in and doing well quickly enough to satisfy fans is higher at Arkansas.  Auburn fired its National Championship coach after just two years, Tennessee is a wreck of NCAA violations from the Kiffen era, running low on money, and there's no very recent successful season to point to as reassurance of the players' quality.   Far from being a dumpster fire, it's a nice cozy spot by the fireplace with a glass of the drinker's choice.

2 years, 4 months ago on NCAA Cloud Could Lead Auburn To Petrino: The Latest On AU’s Coaching Search


 @BamaWahoo If Tech was to split from the ACC, it would go to the SEC, not to the Big 12.  As John has stated many times, it has very much the personality of an SEC school.  It's just down the road from Knoxville (I-81) and would definitely prefer to travel to the other southern states than join jet setting West Virginia.  UVa would only go to the Big 10 if it couldn't follow Tech to the SEC.  Minus Maryland, ALL of its traditional rivals are to the south.  This is all premised on the ACC collapsing which won't be happening any time in the near future.

2 years, 4 months ago on Louisville To The ACC, But What’s That Aftershock Mean For The SEC?