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He brings up some very good points, particularly concerning resellers.  Reselling originated as something that was unadulterated and pure and was from one sneaker lover to another.  It allowed for limited release sneakers that might have been a European of Asian exclusive to be copped here in the States and vice versa.  However, as he mentioned, the way cats are doing it these days is just plain wrong.  I won't lie, the whole culture that surrounds every Jordan release has begun to push me away from Jay's (not sneakers as a whole).  That being said, it has pushed me into other sneakers, Nike trainers and new balance in particular.  I think that this is just how the culture evolves.  Eventually people will get bored with Jordans and something else will become the new 'hype' shoe.  Until then though, we just have to ride this one out and let them have their fun. 

2 years, 4 months ago on Sneakerhead PSA Video by INTGkicks