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Honestly, I am not expecting a lot from Anibal Sanchez, he has never exactly set the league on fire. He had a good postseason, granted, however he did it against the struggling Yankees, and the ice cold Giants who never really scored much in that series, they just out pitched the Tigers, however he did shut down the hot A's. Talent? Of course he does, however, his era has never dipped below 3.50 (besides his 17 start rookie year). I say that we can get that production with Ryu Hyun Jin, this guy is a left handed pitcher who can locate, and has dominated guys his whole life. Since Sanchez is projected  a C.J. Wilson type deal, Ryu will be at a discount actually (4 years 60 million for Ryu as opposed to 5 years 90 million for Greinke), and the Korean leftie is younger than Sanchez. Maybe Sanchez will perform better than Ryu, sure, but it is  worth it to sign Greinke and then Ryu.

1. Kershaw

2. Greinke

3. Beckett

4. Ryu (Sanchez projects as a #2 starter)

5. Billingsley

2 years, 4 months ago on The Dodgers Can Afford Zack Greinke, and They’ll Get Him