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:-) Love this article even though it says more or less "become and extrovert already"

2 years, 9 months ago on 12 Most Powerful Recommendations for Introverts in Business


That's solid, Dino! Thanks!

About doing videos - you may wanna transcribe it and upload the text to YouTube as a .txt file. That makes your video much more solid as it's backed by index-able text. Make sure to use your keyword phrases throughout the video. Google it - you'll find tutorials as how to do it.

A great way to get high rankings fast is to blog about issues/problems and solutions about new pieces of gear that are newly released. I've been doing this with the GoPro HD camera and I rank high for some related terms (it was very easy as I was early to do this).

You're right about collaborating with other bloggers. As the book says (What would Google do) - "you gotta be a platform". If you regularly have other people writing on your site, you've got more than a blog, you've got a platform and that's a winning concept.

I started an experiment now - I invite outdoorsy people to ask sponsorships in my blog's name&credit. They keep the gear to use and abuse and they write a review in exchange. This is my first step into making a platform. :-)

About news... I personally don't see it as valuable. Coz news means spikes in traffic whereas evergreen content means constant traffic (growing slowly but steadily).

It's a good thing to be featured in the news for some cool things you do but actually writing a news blog seems to be too much work (and too much competition from the big guys).

Guest posting - I don't do it anymore (I only get natural links from other websites or forums since my content is hobby/passion related) but to be honest Id love to write at least one article for you, Dino. You're just too cool and posting on this blog would be an honor for me. I mean it! (there's also a sort of pressure - I need to deliver if I wanna write here...) :-)

PS - lots of work to leave the comment with this new system...

3 years, 5 months ago on Why Your Blog Will Never Win Google's Affection


I'm all pumped up! ;-) Thnaks for this interview!

(also loved your appearance on Mixergy)

3 years, 5 months ago on Sales Strategies, Business Hustling and More with Grant Cardone


Great entrepreneur and great life philosophy!

"Good enough" is definitively better than perfect! Thanks for a valuable interview!

3 years, 8 months ago on Perception, Happiness, and Getting Anything You Want


:-))) I never thought this may be an interesting topic to read about. And yet... :-)

3 years, 9 months ago on 12 Most Important Reasons Boys Need To Pee In The Woods


Sweet! I started doing all of these and the stats improved significantly.

I might add a thirteenth tip: don't blog about yourself, blog for your audience. If you do this consistently over a long period of time, all the other technical tips almost don't matter - coz you'll be shared and bookmarked like hell anyway. :-)

I first learned one has to write timeless content for the audience and then I learned about SEO, optimizing images, meta tags and all that. Once I fixed those, since I had already gotten tons of links from forums and blogs, the traffic increased 8 times during a few months. :-) Without actually writing new content.

So writing for your audience and spilling your best secretes is my #1 tip to share about blogging.

Thanks for the article and for the opportunity to join the conversation.

3 years, 9 months ago on 12 Most Overlooked Details Your Blog May Be Missing


Agree! "Answer those emails, forget about SEO" said Gary Vee.

The same with Klout! What's more important? Klout score or happy customers? :-)

3 years, 11 months ago on the problem with klout


There is very little privacy with Facebook since people can tag me in any photo. They now have facial recognition as well.

Can u imagine, all the cameras in a city like London connected to Facebook ... Cameras take snapshots, compare them to Facebook data and Bam! - Constantin is at X point and he's interested in climbing; let's display some climbing ads in the plasmas on the streets.

I think what Facebook does is somewhat evil and the fact that they thrive on the "generosity" of users who share data is kinda sleazy...

4 years, 1 month ago on Social Privacy