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So I actually largely agree with most of what Greg said!Solid B with Nicks/Bradshaw being best signings and Costa being worst. They're better, but not superbowl contenders yet (but I do think with a SOLID center and a good Safety, they are SB contenders). 
I don't like the Costa signing because of what it means that they signed Costa. It means either that Costa was signed as a backup to whatever starter Grigs will bring in, in which case, WTH happened to Holmes??? I was really counting on him being a backup this year.... or worse yet, Holmes is the starting Center.... in which case, they shouldn't be going after Mack and the others, IMO. OR it means that Holmes is supposed to be the backup and Costa is starting.... which is... well.... YEAH... I'm not even gonna dignify that with an explanation. 
Some might ask what's so wrong if Costa is backup and Holmes is gone... well, to me, it means that they think Holms is a bust and won't be contributing anything. From Ben's fantastic posts this year, we saw that Holmes had potential, but just wasn't used. So if he was so bad that he isn't better than Satele OR Costa... i question what Grigs originally saw in Holmes to draft him. 

As far as starting C, don't forget the Draft.... it seemed like Pagano was really working the USC center during the pro-day... and if that's the case, they may be looking to draft a C in the 2nd round.... and of course there's still Mack. 

1 month ago on Colts Authority Fireside Chats: Grading Grigson's Shopping Spree