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This is the answer, Silicon Valley - 'Don't Block Porn, Disrupt It':

I'm getting really, really tired of saying this. Silicon Valley welcomes innovation and disruption in every other area of our lives and work except this one - the one that needs it most. More (excruciating) detail in the #sextechbiz section of our blog:

2 months ago on Silicon Valley’s War on Sex continues as Google bans adult blogs


LOVE. Spreading the word like mad :) #changetheratio

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Wow. So far, more than half of the registrants for our “Don’t Be Awful” event are women


Nathaniel - love that you've written this. It echoes what my friend CZ Nnaemeka calls for in her great piece on 'The Unexotic Underclass':  

7 months ago on Tech gives the rich new toys while perpetuating the criminalization of poverty


Music and sex are inextricably linked :) Delighted to see Pornhub doing this. We plan on building a musician community at in due course - because we all need MusicToMakeLoveNotPornTo:

7 months ago on Pornhub launches a record label. Wait, what?


@GajanticFounder I'd like to see everyone able to be themselves, all the time. 

Like you, Warrick, a few years back I took a deliberate decision to be open about the hell of being a startup founder, and created a hashtag #startupstress which I use on Twitter and Facebook, as I explained in this interview:

I've had many people messaging and tweeting me saying what a relief it is that I share how shitty things are for me and my team, because it helps them get through knowing that we're all dealing with the same shit.  Which is why StartupsAnonymous is a great idea and a great series. 

8 months, 1 week ago on Startups Anonymous: How Anonymity Can Save a Founder’s Life


ISP blocking isn't the answer. This is - my open letter to David Cameron and Silicon Valley published by Wired UK last year - 'Don't Block Porn, Disrupt It':

9 months, 4 weeks ago on Content filters in the UK: *** save the *****, the ******* regime


Extremely inspiring. #changetheratio

11 months, 1 week ago on How Kirsten Green defied venture capital’s gender boundaries and ruled ecommerce


@RickWebb   I most certainly will enjoy it - it's only taken me a year of lobbying to be able to finally get two sex+tech demos on the NYTM stage and intro them, even if I wasn't permitted to include my own :)

1 year, 2 months ago on When will we see “smart” sex and love wearables that aren’t moronic?


Well, let's see. Could the answer to your question possibly be, 'Because Silicon Valley/Alley actively welcomes innovation and disruption in every other area of our lives except this one? :)'

This is the battle we and other entrepreneurs trying to come up with the really great ideas in this area fight every day:

including the search for open-minded investors:

which is why I'm curating this 'Changing The World Through Sex' track at Social Media Week New York next month, to bring the whole area out into the open and encourage more good ideas, more disruptive startups, and more openmindedness and willingness to fund:

1 year, 2 months ago on When will we see “smart” sex and love wearables that aren’t moronic?


Well, thank goodness that's the one startup problem we haven't had to deal with so far. is making money:

Anybody interested in monetizing disruption in the one area Silicon Valley/Alley doesn't welcome disruption in, please join me for my 'Changing The World Through Sex' track at Social Media Week New York :)

1 year, 2 months ago on The one reason why most startups fail


I realized this six or seven years ago through, ahem, direct personal experience :):

which is why 'Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.' 

The answer to all the hysteria that is now being generated around this is not to shut down, censor, block, repress - the answer is to open up, as per my WiredUK open letter to David Cameron, UK Prime Minister who wants to block porn in the UK - 'Don't Block Porn, Disrupt It':

The tech world welcomes innovation and disruption in every other area of our lives except this one. I can't encourage too many entrepreneurs to consider starting up ventures to enhance the future of sex. I'm curating a 'Change The World Through Sex' technology track at Social Media Week NYC February 17-21 - anyone interested in being a part of this, please email 

Check out my SXSW talk on 'The Future Of Porn' for inspiration :)

1 year, 5 months ago on Infographic: Is Internet porn destroying our sex lives?


As they say, Hayden, never compare your 'behind-the-scenes' to everybody else's highlights reel :) 

The vast majority of us are struggling and progressing just as slowly as you. Some of us are open about that:

This is a great post from Mark Suster on precisely the syndrome you're experiencing:

I find this quote extremely cheering: 'It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.' - Confucius

Best of luck!

1 year, 7 months ago on It’s hard to tell which startups are simply spinning their wheels


There's a whole different way to look at this - which is that the tech startup industry is exactly what the porn industry needs right now. And yet Silicon Valley encourages disruption and innovation in every other area of our lives except this one - the one that needs it most. That's why I wrote this open letter to David Cameron and Silicon Valley published by Wired UK two weeks ago - 'Don't block porn, disrupt it':

Why I and my tiny, bootstrapping team continue to battle every obstacle the tech and business world puts in our way to build

Why I told the tech world at SXSW this year that The Next Big Thing is changing the world through sex and porn:

Why the pornstars who share their #realworldsex on say they wish all porn could be like this:

and why, as and when I can build our startup that nobody wants to fund, to the point where I have enough resources, I intend to start the YCombinator of porn:

1 year, 7 months ago on Lessons from the porn industry


Well done Aaron. And great piece Sarah - with great advice for others operating in the ' you gotta play their game as much as you get them to play yours' corporate marketplace. 

1 year, 8 months ago on Aaron Levie, elephant hunter: Why the cloud’s consummate poster boy is actually an outlier


@Paul__Walsh @momoetomo Can't speak for their policies today, but historically Yahoo has made huge amounts of money selling ads and links to porn sites :)

1 year, 9 months ago on Tumblr porn is a bigger problem than Yahoo realizes


Houston - this is a really excellent post and I couldn't agree with you more off the back of my and my team's battles to build - our biggest problems have all been a result of the old world order nature of financial infrastructure, as I speak about in this Inc interview:

And yes - while I believe the answers lie in people like you who are inventing the future of money, and in our staunch supporters Ben Milne of Dwolla, Patrick Collison of Stripe, Sahil Lavingia of Gumroad, Trevor Kaufman of Tinypass and more - the new world order of money still has to bow to old world order backing, underwriting and legislation. 

As a result of our ongoing struggles with, I am now ferociously interested in the future of money and payments and monitor it every day - because in addition to constantly looking for the far-sighted individual and ventures who are willing to patner with us to change the world through sex, I don't observe players in other industries understanding how the future of money changes everything, and how much their own ability and necessity to reinvent business and business models is inextricably bound up with the future of payments - something I talk about in my presentation 'Redesigning The Business Of Advertising':

Keep fighting the good fight :)

1 year, 11 months ago on Too small to fail: The partnership-driven nature of fintech startups


No one better to help a startup SET COURSE FOR AWESOME. :)

3 years ago on FAKEGRIMLOCK Now Advising a Startup Near You


@bud_caddell @edwardboches Bud - like you, I am very troubled by the lack of diverse thought in our industry, and I am giving my The Future of Advertising presentation everywhere that will have me to help address that very issue - it's deliberately provocative and challenging to open up minds and encourage more diverse thinking. It's just gone down a storm with an all-Japanese audience here in Okinawa at the iMedia Brand Summit, and also did so when I presented it at AKQA to the whole agency in New York last week. Happy to present it anywhere anyone wants to hear it :)

When I feel strongly about something, I do something about it. On the speaker service, funnily enough, as a number of people in my network can tell you, I wanted to start that a couple of years ago (together with a female techie/engineer/developer/web designer resume listing/jobs posting board + female interviewee pool for journalists writing articles on tech), at (with wide applicability and its own business model). Unfortunately, turning good intentions into action and designing the action graph with IfWeRanTheWorld + combating the influence of porn as sex educatiion with MakeLoveNotPorn + consulting to pay the mortgage takes up all my time (although lack of funds is also an issue - am still determined to start TokenWomanCentral as and when I can find funding for it). In the meantime, here are some lists for you to draw on and request for whatever conference you are headed to next: (pick out the women)

Many thanks.

3 years, 11 months ago on Where are the women?


@benkunz Ben - 1. Forgive me for being straightforward, but natural self-selection has fuck all to do with it. There are many initiatives going on to tackle the root of this issue - to get more girls onto the computer science/tech track in high school.

Those initiatives will succeed when - sad to say but true - guys think girls who take science and math in high school and work hard at those subjects are hot and dateable.

2. See 1.

3. Yes, it does.

Every so often, I do this from a conference stage. I address the men in the audience and I ask them to do this:

I’d like you to imagine something for me.

Imagine that, for years, you’d been attending conferences where you never saw anyone of your own gender onstage.

Imagine that you never saw speakers and role models of your own gender, whom you could look up at and think, wow, if they can do it, then so can I.

And imagine that all around you, the vast majority of the audience at those conferences were not your own gender either.

How do you think you’d feel?

Well – that’s what we women live with all the time. Otherwise known as ‘the norm’.

The issue is role models.

You can't be what you can't see.

Men who have daughters - and particularly men who have daughters graduating college and entering the workforce - tend to convert to this perspective pretty quickly.

3 years, 11 months ago on Where are the women?


@bud_caddell @edwardboches Bud - agree that diversity can embrace many things. But even just starting with a better representation of women and ethnicities begins that. 4As Transformation 2011 - 55 male speakers, 8 women. 4As CreateTech 2011 - 14 male speakers, 2 women. Techcrunch Disrupt 2011 - 36 men, 6 women. Wired Disruptive By Design - 17 men on stage, 2 women. (I won't even get into ethnicity ratios.) All of this perpetuates what my friend Jon Pincus calls 'a closed loop of guys talking to guys about other guys', and in that context, what passes for diversity and innovation isn't.

True diversity drives true innovation. And is critical in this context also for the role models it provides.

You can't be what you can't see.

3 years, 11 months ago on Where are the women?


@prosperitygal Prosperitygal - thanks for these - actually, Edward, Farrah and I have been spreading every list we can find already. Here are several of them you might like in return: (pick out the women)

And Farrah's own that Edward references:

3 years, 11 months ago on Where are the women?


@edwardboches @farrahbostic @cindygallop I am so there :)

3 years, 11 months ago on Where are the women?


Edward - can't thank you enough for your efforts in this area.

Bollocks to that tired old response, 'We really wanted women, we just couldn't find any.'

It's a numbers game. Male dominated industry sector/business (and by male dominated I mean male management dominated as much as sheer percentage of men) = fewer women speakers/representatives spring to mind. If you really want diversity in business, you have to make more of an effort. You have to set out to find women/African-Americans/Hispanics/Asian-Americans, and you have to put the effort in. Which doesn't, btw, involve asking other people like you, and then going, oh, we just couldn't find any.

In my experience, because business (in whatever sector) is a male-dominated world, men just don't think about this. If you are a man, no matter how sympathetic, well-intentioned, or well-meaning, trust me, you have absolutely no idea what it is like to live as a woman in a world where the default setting is always male. And unless this is brought to your attention, you have absolutely no reason to try and change things. You don't realize things need changing, because why would you? They're perfectly fine where you're concerned.

That's why I applaud your efforts in this area, Edward, and welcome your call to all the other men in our industry, to refuse to sit on juries/award schemes/conference speaker line-ups where there are very few or no women and minorities.

I look forward to seeing who are the other men in our industry who take this stand alongside you.

3 years, 11 months ago on Where are the women?


'What's your profit margin?'

Cindy Gallop
Founder & CEO, IfWeRanTheWorld

4 years, 5 months ago on New agency models and what we can learn from them