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Could be a Verizon AND iPhone 5 design. I think the differences with iPhone 5 are going to be minimal (thinkg 3G -> 3Gs) and Apple will focus most of it's attention on the iPad this year in order to advance their lead in the tablet market while competetors struggle to gain ground. This is what happened in 2007. They took a massive market share early on and only now are people starting to catch them.

In terms of hardware they are leaps and bounds ahead of other devices and, for the iPhone at least, what they need to do is start making major changes to iOS so it can remain competative with Android.

4 years, 3 months ago on iPhone 5 Outer Casing Parts Detailed! - [VIDEO]


Why do I always find these comps AFTER purchasing the app? :( Anyway, it's a great app. I went back and read all my previous tweets (it's a nice way to do it) - amazing how much of the stuff I tweeted that I had forgotten about!

4 years, 4 months ago on STICKY CONTEST: WIN 1 Of 5 Copies Of Momento App For iPhone (and iPod touch)! - [CLOSED]