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This era of sneakers is so under rated. Performance was the priority and the shoes had a luxury appeal. They weren't the typical air jordans that people were used to seeing so understandably they didn't appeal to everyone. I just think that luxury performance was a cool concept that worked so well with the early/mid 2000's and the players of the era. Remember when Quentin Richardson wore a Jordan XX PE in the 2005 All Star 3 Point contest? Sadly I was too young and I feel that I missed out on a great time for sneakers and basketball. Its still awesome though. And someday I'm gonna get some of these J's and play on court in them. I might have to wip out some baggy Jordan gear with a headband to complete the look LOL

2 years ago on #XX8DaysOfFlight: My Air Jordan XX Story


Will cop

2 years ago on Nike Zoom Revis “Knicks”


It looks like an ACG

2 years ago on UNDFTD x Nike Teaser


Do Paul George if hes down for it.

2 years ago on A “Sneak Peek” Inside DJ Skee’s Sneaker Closet Part I


great shoe, I will have it some day

2 years, 3 months ago on In Retrospect: Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement