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I dont think it matters. The story mode on the wii version took up so much of the disk space that you could already tell the gameplay was not the main focus as it should be.

Forget the story mode. Subspace was a nice touch, but not a staple. Gameplay focus should be key.

1 year, 8 months ago on No Story Mode In The New Super Smash Bros. Game? Are You Serious?


To play as a Worgen, they look badass. Playing a werewolf that can morph back to a human at will is tight. Worgens will be the envy of the horde. They are cooler than orcs period, sleeker and slimmer than taurens, which is good, straight up actionpacked compared to ...undead..and not gay like bloodelves :D. Worgens is what im looking forward to HOWLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years, 4 months ago on Win Almost 2 Years of World of Warcraft Game Time!