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Actually, ObamaCare will help physicians, especially primary care and ED physicians get paid for their services. ObamaCare will allow, rather than force, Americans that cannot otherwise afford insurance to acquire insurance at a reasonable rate. And not through Medicare/Medicaid but through major insurance carriers like Blue Cross and United. Physicians would never know how their patients get the insurance; they just know that they are being paid. Also - getting paid by Medicare is not providing charity care - billions of dollars of charity care is provided every year because hospitals cannot deny treatment to patients based on their ability to pay. No, physicians should not work for free; by enabling more if not all patients to pay for the care they receive, physicians would also reap the benefits. This article is a great opportunity to dispel some of the myths of ObamaCare and overall healthcare reform.

2 years, 5 months ago on The “right” to healthcare does not require a doctor to work for free