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The nature of living on this planet, even if we were naked and running through the jungles laughing and playing, is that we cause harm as well as benefit. Picking fruit and vegetables, we harm bugs. Ploughing fields we disrupt tiny habitats. We can minimize our impact but we will always be participating in some kind of harm inadvertently. It's part of living, that everything is fleeting, including life. The very best we can do is respect life, love each other, and do our very best.

1 year, 1 month ago on Is It Cheating to Stock up on Restaurant Burritos?


Love this giveaway and wish I'd known about Team EcoEtsy myself! I love the paper ornaments and the arm spats, but I love everything really. I'm in Australia but if something can't be shipped here, I have an address in California for mailing to me. Everything looks absolutely awesome! Great team!

My name is Allison Dey Malacaria at sweaterdoll(at) gmail (dot) com.

I am remarried and living in Australia and I'm doing several things to avoid plastic this season. No fake tree; all my Christmas mail is plastic-free in used boxes and sealed with gummed paper tape; none of our food comes in plastic. The newest plastic-free change as of this week. The butcher throws the meat in a plastic produce bag and then wraps it in newsprint so it has that traditional look. Pffft! Now I tell them to wrap the meat in 3 layers of newsprint and it all goes in a basket I bring. It gets used or frozen within a day or two so it can sit like that in the fridge in a ceramic bowl. Better even than US butcher paper which is plastic lined heavy white paper!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Mint toothpaste works great. Takes the itch away and then they heal fast. I use Tom's of Maine and have for many years but the old Crest (Ick!) and others also worked when i was a kid. If you have mint growing at your home, you can also crush some leaves (or chew on them a moment), apply and wrap some gauze around to keep it on like a poultice for a bit until the itch really goes away.

1 year, 7 months ago on What's Your Advice for Plastic-free, Natural, Mosquito Bite Remedy?


I switched to a wooden comb for my hair. I used to use a boar's hair bristle brush on a wooden handle but even with that I washed my oily hair every 2-3 days. Now the wood does something wonderful to my hair and I only wash it every 5-6 days. Then I found a natural non SLS shampoo (comes in a corn-based plastic-free bottle) and I'm thrilled. 

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Oh yay! They ship internationally! Great find. Thanks for sharing.

1 year, 7 months ago on I wish I'd known about EcoJarz when I wrote my book


Love your system. Have a great time at Burning Man! I had no idea coffee plungers would have plastic. Hubby has an all stainless steel one. The inner is metal mesh and metal spring and such. Glad to know it's not one more thing I'd want to replace.

1 year, 8 months ago on Coffee in a Mason Jar


We are consumers by nature, but not maliciously. We eat, we use resources for housing, fire (heat, cooking), transportation (boats, shoes). I'm a Buddhist but I think the word mindful has lost its meaning. It has become too passive. We just don't need to call living consumption just because the press does. We don't need to become mindful consumers. We don't need to think of ourselves as consumers at all. We will use things. The more we get connected again as neighbors, communities, the less we'll feel comfortable consuming selfishly. I've been making my children's Christmas presents since they were babies. They are 22 and 25 now and I have still made nearly everything I am giving them and the new boyfriend is getting cool t shirts from the thrift stores. Congrats on your book sales. I've started a business making softies out of repurposed clothing and hope to make this a living as well as just a way of life.

2 years, 5 months ago on Black Friday: To Buy or Not to Buy?