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I know the name says Fighting Irish but I live in Tennessee and grew up watching UT football with my dad. Here is what we know to be fact. Gruden has enrolled his kids at Knoxville Webb. He has been playing golf with Jim Haslam. He stated that he would be having dinner with Johnny Majors in a a week or so. Yes, we all know where he started his coaching career and his wife is an ex-cheerleader.


Here are the questions you have to ask yourself. Is he familiar with the college landscape? Absolutely! Is he familiar with UT? Yes. Why is he playing golf with Jim Haslam (One of the biggest donors to UT)? He has played a lot of golf with Haslam; Does this mean Haslam was courting him on this last golf outing? Probably so. He has talked to another ex-vol coach...who was it? I would imagine he talked to Fulmer. I have heard from incredibly credible source that Gruden is almost a done deal, even to the point that it will be decided, finalized and announced on November 30th. To all the people out there giving their two cents worth...How much money have you donated to the University of Tennessee? If the answer is zero, then please don't think that someone that is on the inside is gonna say that (ex. not a real person I hope) volsfanfor1973 on some message board is gonna sway a decision one way or the other. I understand that you support UT by buying their shirts, hats, stickers and game tickets but you are not "supporting" UT.


Finally, if what I have heard is true, then UT will have a fantastic coach with the credentials to back it up. I agree with person, who posted earlier on Fulmer, that firing Fulmer was a huge mistake. You fire the guy that made you relevant and didn't think twice. Fans put up websites like, and bad mouth the guy that brought the first NC you have had in over 40 years. A guy that bleeds orange and loves UT like no other.


By the way, where the hell is Mike Hamilton now? He isn't an AD.


If Haslam is doing the interviewing for this position, by means of a golf outing, you better believe that some serious money is being thrown around. You think Haslam is the only big money guy throwing money in the hat? I am sure there are plenty of people that are pledging huge sums of money to make this happen.



2 years, 5 months ago on As The Gruden Turns: Hogs Swing And Miss, Vols On Deck (And Sources Say They’re In Good Shape)