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I think if Gruden came to Tennessee Bray, Hunter, and Patterson would stay even become third to fifth year seniors. The recruits would be amazing, and the staff even better. We could actually win the sec or even another national champioship, the dicipline would be there and so would the respect from the league. You would not have TENNESSEE TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE. (DERRICK DOOLEY) I am from louisiana and cannot stand LSU, would love to see Gruden come in and play LSU and whoop that tail. the question stands is Gruden the right fit? what about trying to get Jimbo Fischer, Bob Stoops, Jeff Fisher, Jim Mora from UCLA. We need to back on the stage that Alabama is in, we need someone who can recruit and isnt scared to go out west, up north, and get these recruits that these other schools are getting.....

2 years, 4 months ago on As The Gruden Turns: Hogs Swing And Miss, Vols On Deck (And Sources Say They’re In Good Shape)