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This is so amazing! My husband, John, is donating his kidney to a friend who has been on dialysis for three years after the kidney that his father donated to him, failed. John's operation is on Tuesday. I was on the train to work this morning thinking that I would like to crochet a couple of kidneys, embroider them with a smiley face (exactely like Barefoot JJ's) and add a piece of felt on the back with a Thank You note, to give to the surgeons and nurses. I've been doing my google search and came across your blogpost. How amazing?! I also haven't found a kidney amigurimi pattern, but did find this link. I might give it a go and then write up a proper pattern.

I hope you dad is still doing well. I will be blogging about John and Pieter on Tuesday as part of my regular Terrific Tuesday posts. (I'm very positive that it will be a teriffic day with a good outcome to both operations :-))

I'm going to investigate the Transplant Games now.



2 years, 4 months ago on Organ Donation Crochet and a Happy Birthday to My Dad